Chinese DTC Genomics Firm WeGene Plans to Go International, Expand Cohort Research – GenomeWeb

Via With a special thank you to Debbie Cruwys Kennett of Cruwys news for mentioning it.

WeGene is a Chinese company that had a focus on Chinese customers that sells DNA tests and accepts DNA raw data transfers from 23andMe (including v5 chip) and AncestryDNA. Unless you read Chinese in which case you can go to, you need to access their site at and click on Import your data from either 23andMe or AncestryDNA. Glad to see they compared WeGene to Helix since both companies work with third party vendors to offer additional services.

I uploaded my 23andMe (v3 chip) and AncestryDNA raw data when I first learned of the company several years ago. At the time, the link to the English side of the site was at the bottom of the main site. They later removed it from the bottom of the main page, but hopefully it will make a comeback.

Looking forward to see what additional services WeGene offers as it expands to a global marketplace.  Here’s the three services they offer to customers

The company now offers three services to consumers. Its genotyping service, which currently generates the majority of its DTC testing revenues, has a list price of RMB 499 ($70) and comes with ancestry and disease risk reports. Going forward, WeGene might incorporate polygenic risk scores for various diseases in the analysis, Chen said, but this will require additional disease cohort studies in China to build prediction models.

WeGene’s whole-genome sequencing service that uses BGI’s sequencing platform costs RMB 3,999 ($580) and includes a number of reports. It also allows customers to download their raw data. WeGene has one BGI MGISEQ-2000 sequencer in its laboratory to provide this service but outsources sequencing that exceeds its capacity to BGI.

The whole-genome sequencing service that uses Illumina’s platform costs RMB 9,999 ($1,500). In addition to written reports, it includes genetic counseling services and customers receive their raw data on a USB stick. Sequencing for this service is outsourced to other laboratories, Chen said.



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