Geno 2.0 Next DNA Test Available on GroupOn for $69 and Other DNA Tests on GroupOn

None of the links below are affiliate links.

It’s the first time I have seen National Geographic (Nat Geo) Geno 2.0 Next available for sale on GroupOn, but when I checked today to see the price for FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) on GroupOn, Geno 2.0 Next was showing for $69.  Go to (type in DNA for search parameter and your location and scroll down a bit or use

Other DNA tests available on GroupOn as of September 15, 2018;:

Allergy Test My Pet and DNA My Dog (both use almost the same link): $79 (Allergy Test My Pet) or $59 (DNA My Dog).

Alliance DNA Laboratory: – four items available ranging from $69 to $139.

Choice DNA Choice DNA – three options with prices of $5, $26, and $249.

Face It DNA Technology: $45 to $199.

FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) ( sale price between $64 and $65 with the price changing every few days.

HomeDNA (several different tests available): and

International Open Academy: $19.

Mars Veterinary Canine DNA Test: $83.99. Also available on Amazon:

Matt Crump ‘DNA’ Matted Black Framed Art $24.99 Also available on Amazon:

Viamedex: three options with prices of $51 to $103.

In the recent past, GPS Origins, which is offered by HomeDNA (both under HomeDNA and its earlier brand name AncestryByDNA) through various outlets was available on GroupOn in the past, but currently isn’t available. It is also available on Amazon Briefly, AncestryDNA tests were also offered. There is no guarantee the above tests will stay on GroupOn, but FTDNA has been on it for a long while now. Various HomeDNA tests keep popping up briefly on the website on a semi-regular basis.

GroupOn has a variety of non-DNA items that may be cheaper than other places. At times, they offer discounts or promo codes that can reduce the price even more.


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