GeneJar DNA Beta Test

Updated September 14, 2018 to indicate those companies that offered at least some free apps, reports, tests, or items. In many cases, a company may offer a mix of free and paid items.

I ran across GeneJar,, through some other DNA website I visited. When I clicked on the link, it said they were beta testing and I could sign up to be on the waiting list. This was a month or two ago. Still haven’t heard back from them on the beta.

However, I submitted my 23andMe DNA raw data to OpenSNP ( a while back and a few days ago, I received an e-mail from OpenSNP that gave me the option to transfer my raw data from them to GeneJar. I will be doing a more detailed blog post about GeneJar in a while, but it offers a variety of free and paid apps that you can use. Once you upload the original raw data from OpenSNP, GeneJar allows you to upload results from other companies (600 MB maximum file size) and I uploaded my raw data from FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) and AncestryDNA in addition to the 23andMe raw data I transferred from OpenSNP. I haven’t dug through all of the apps (some are web apps and other apps are mobile apps), but it looks like they are over 200 apps (206 web apps and 21 mobile apps) that you can choose from. Of the web apps, roughly 67 of the 206 were free with the rest ranging in price from $1.00 to several hundred although many were in the $5.00 to $30.00 range. Of the 21 mobile apps, 6 were free and the rest ranged in price from $3.99 to $99.99, but most were in the $29.99 and under with over half being $14.99 or less and 6 costing more.

Broken down into several categories. First, for kits, they include 375 kit options . Here is the breakdown for Kits by company so it’s not 375 links and I am working on a long blog post that will include all of the below companies, hopefully it will be ready in a week or so:

Providers and Purchasers (under Kits, total of 375 kit options to choose from; some are from the same companies so it’s not 375 different companies) and I found websites for each of them, in some cases, it may be a guess; for many, I already have websites or URLs, but it’s a matter of copy/pasting them into this post and adding them to another post for those that are companies that aren’t already on my other blog post and I will add the link to the other post once it goes live:

If it doesn’t say Free or Free and Paid, it is Paid only apps/testing.  If it only says Free, there may be Paid items as well. I was using the GeneJar items that indicated Free

23andMe – 
ActX: AKA Actionable Genomics Service
Admera Health:
Advanced Genomic Solutions:
African Ancestry:
Alliance DNA Laboratory – 
AnabolicGenes: – acquired by and partnering with Jimonz:
AncestryDNA: –
App MD – also listed on DNA Testing Choice, but their link sends me to – some Free and some Paid items
AthGene: – Free
Athletigen:  – – Free
Awakens: – Free
BioStatus Health: 
Carmichael Training Systems: (per several websites)
CellMax Life –
Codegen:  – Free
CooperGenomics –
Counsyl – or
CRI Genetics
Dante Labs –
Dash Genomics –
Denver DNA and Drug Center
Diagnomics – – bulk orders?
DNA Ancestry Project –
DNA Art Gallery – Art DNA.
DNA Consultants –
DNA Land –
DNA Painter
DNA Power –
DNA Romance – : – Free
DNA Services Unlimited – –
DNA Testing Center of America –
DNA Tribes – –
DNA Unwrapped –
DNA11 – probably  – Art DNA.
DNAcode –
DNAFit – –  near as I can tell
DNAMatch4iPad –
Dot One –
Dynamic DNA Laboratories –
Easy DNA –
embodyDNA – embodyDNA or
Enlis Genomics – – Free items
EONE-DIAGNOMICS Genome Center – South Korean company – has Free and Paid items
EverlyWell –
Exploragen –
Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) – – free limited transfers ($19 for full transfer upgrade) from, Geno 2.0 and Geno 2.0 Next if processed by FTDNA), and 23andMe for v4 and earlier chips; and they also sell kits
Fitgenetix –
Fitness Genes –
FitNow –
FoundMyFitness – – Free, but accepts donations (Patreon, Amazon affiliate link on their website, and other ways you can support)
Full Genomes –
Futura Genetics –
GEDmatch – – mostly free, but Tier 1 items require $10  monthly donation for any month you want to access them.
Gemetrics –
Gencove – (no longer accepting DNA from consumers, but still a DNA company) – Free if you previously uploaded although it may have some Paid items
Gene by Gene –
Gene Heritage –
Gene Partner –
Gene2me –
Genebase –
GeneKnot – – Free items
Genes for Good – or – Free, but requires time filling out surveys and questionnaires
Genetic Genie – – Free
Genetic Ink –
Genetic Photos –
GenetiConcept – acquired by and partnering with Jimonz:
Genetrack Biolabs –
Genetrainer –
GeneTrait Laboratories –
GeneX – link on several sites, including GeneJar is some Free and some Paid items
Genomapp – (iOS and Android OS app) – Free
Genomic Express – probably
GenoPalate –
Genos –
GenSmart – (iOS app) – Free
GPS Origins – (if you have DNA raw data to upload to GPS Origins)
Habit –
HaploGrep – – – has Free items
Helix Love –
Heterogeneous – Free
Holistic Health –
Home DNA Direct –
iamYiam –
Impute – – Free items
Infinome – : – has at least some Free items
InsideTracker –
Insitome – Insitome 
Instant Chemistry –
Integrated Genetics –
Intelliseq –
International Biosciences –
Invitae –
Jinomz –
Kailos Genetics –
Karmagenes – 
Kiragen – – Free
Know Your Genetics: – some Free and some Paid items
Live Wello – LiveWello 
Living DNA- – free limited transfer from, 23andMe, FamilyTree DNA, MyHeritage and they also sell kits
Map My Gene – 
Mapmygenome – or – researching
MelixGX –
MiaDNA – and for orders 
Molecular Fitness – 
MTHFR Support –
My Genetic Health – appears it should be this link – iOS only app – Free
MyGenomeBox – – has Free and Paid apps
MyHeritageDNA – – free transfers from 23andMe (v4 and earlier chips), AncestryDNA, FamilyTree DNA and they also sell kits
MyVytalics –
Natera –
National Geographic – National Geographic
Nimble Diagnostics –
NutraHacker – – two Free and several paid reports
OriginalGENE –
Paternity Direct –
Pathway Genomics –
Personality Genie – Free
Promethease –
re:point – Re:Point
Roots for Real –
Segment Mapper – – Free, but accepts donations
SelfDecode –
Sema4 –
Silverberry Genomix – – has one Free and numerous Paid apps/tests
Simplified Genetics –
Soccer Genomics –
Sure Genomics –
TeloYears –
TheMakingsofMe –
Toolbox Genomics –
True Fit For Me –
True Report –
Truly Heal –
USC Behavioral and Health Genomics Center – no longer available for consumers
Veritas Genetics –
Viaguard – – shows as Viaguard on website
Viamedex –
Vinome – Wine Explorer
Vitagene –
WeGene – – Free if you upload 23andMe (including v5 chip) or AncestryDNA; they do offer a Paid kit if you don’t 23andMe or AncestryDNA
WiXHealth –
Wobblebase AKA myWobble (iOS app): Free
Xcode – –  old URL  Lab located in India
Younom – – lab located in Spain
yourDNAportal – – Has several Free apps

Traits: (weird, it’s not show all of the below on GeneJar when I scroll through the list there,  but I copy/pasted directly from the site)

Ancestry Testing

Baldness Analysis
Autosomal Analysis & Family Finder
Autosomal Analysis
Paternal Analysis
Combined Paternal & Maternal Analysis
Paternal Analysis & Family Finder
Maternal Analysis
Combined Paternal & Maternal Analysis & Family Finder
Maternal Analysis & Family Finder


Genetic Art

DNA Sequencing

Whole Genome Sequencing
Exome Sequencing
Epigenome Sequencing
mtDNA Sequencing

Genetic Dating

Genetic Dating

Health Testing

Prenatal Screening
Diet Recommendations
Drug Response
Diet Recommendations & Fitness Planning
Genetic Predisposition
Carrier Screening
Fitness Planning


Research Study

Personality Testing

Personality Traits

Skin DNA Testing


Trait Testing

Behavioral Traits
Learning Traits
Physical Traits
Baldness Analysis




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  1. Tavo Rico Suave says:

    So which of the 3 companies would be best for genetic data interpretation, Or OR Is there another company that you’d recommend over these ones?

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