AncestryDNA Offering New Testers $25 Discount

When I went to AncestryDNA,, a few minutes ago, I got the following notice:

Get $25 off your first order*

*Valid for new registrants only

You might be better offer using Amazon as they are currently offering the kit for $80.99 with free shipping: (not an affiliate link) – price valid as of mid afternoon September 12, 2018). The cheapest I see on EBay right now is $48.50 + $5.15 shipping so around $54.65 which is a bit higher than in the past where you could often find AncestryDNA kits on EBay for around $40 – 45 which may or may not include free shipping. Be careful on EBay as some of the kits that show up under a search for Ancestry DNA include numerous companies that aren’t AncestryDNA (MyHeritageDNA, 23andMe, HomeDNA, Vitagene, .etc.). If you order through EBay, always (and I mean ALWAYS) register the kit as soon as you receive it on the small chance you get a kit from a seller who was being less than honest when putting it on EBay. EBay is great about refunding your money if you notify them timely!

I wasn’t logged in or I wouldn’t have seen the offer. My guess is it’s $25 off the regular $99 + shipping price (so $74 + shipping)  and doesn’t apply to those trying to get the $89 discount for second and additional kits in the same order. If you haven’t tested with AncestryDNA, it’s definitely a good price right now if you want an AncestryDNA kit for somebody who hasn’t tested. Note: it probably doesn’t apply to those wanting to test children that would be added to a main account of somebody who has tested. Don’t know for sure, but it’s how much sites work with this kind of offer. You would need to create a separate account (can be a free account) for the child and attach it there.

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