Gulfport (Florida) Historical Museum/Society Labor Day 2018 Fire

Updated May 27, 2019: Re-opening June 1, 2019 – Gulfport (Florida) History Museum! Re-opens June 1, 2019 (link goes live 2:02 P.M. May 27, 2019).

If you follow my blog, generally when I refer to Gulfport, I am talking about Gulfport, Mississippi. There are other cities and towns named Gulfport or Gulf Port. Visiting all of the towns or cities named Gulfport/Gulf Port is on my Bucket List. I also hope to visit this museum one day.

In today’s blog post, the Gulfport Historical Museum/Society that had the fire was in Gulfport, Florida. I signed up for their e-mail a while back and when I signed up for the e-mail list, I was aware it was not Gulfport, Mississippi. Today, I received an e-mail from them announcing they had a fire and would be closed for a while. You can see some pictures on their website: you can also visit their Facebook page:

Here’s part of the e-mail I received:

This morning, we had a fire at the Gulfport History Museum.

Most importantly, no one was hurt. This is the thing we must bear in mind as we move forward. No. One. Was. Hurt.

It could have been far, far worse. The quick actions of the Gulfport — and St. Petersburg — fire department spared most of the building as well as paper records and photographs. They risked their lives to save our town’s history this morning — if they hadn’t been so quick to act, everything would be lost. As it stands now, it looks like our main historic losses are the historic Shuffleboard Club sign and the Gulfport Historic Register sign (we’ll know more after the investigation is complete and we can conduct a full assessment). These things are not replaceable, and their loss is real and tragic.

Thanks, too, to the Gulfport PD for being on hand, assisting and apprehending a suspect.

We also want to thank everyone who stopped by to tell investigators what they saw, extend their sympathy and join with us in our communal heartbreak. We also want to thank representatives from Gulfport Beach Bazaar and Stella’s, and councilfolk Paul Ray and Christine Anne Brown, who wanted to see how they could help — along with countless others we’re probably too addled to properly thank.

We were touched by all of your support, and also by the number of people asking how they could help. Thank you for the special trip you made to tell us you wanted to help; your kindness to us and reverence for our history touches us.

Finally, we want to thank the city staff who came in before 8 a.m. on their day off to help us with debris clearing and securing the museum. Your dedication to this community means more to us all than you will ever know.

The below URL links may include affiliate or donation links (however, none are mine), but thought you should be aware.

The society/museum is registered with Amazon Smile ( and if you choose them, they receive a small percentage of any qualifying items you buy when purchasing through Amazon Smile (NOTE: you need to be on when placing the order and not on for the charity to receive the donation). If you aren’t familiar with Amazon Smile, it’s a program run by Amazon where a percentage of all qualifying purchases can be donated to a charity. For example, I usually alternate my Amazon Smile donations between several local charities. I blogged about Amazon Smile a while back: How to Support a Favorite Nonprofit Using Amazon (not an affiliate or donation link).

If you want to become a member  or to donate, you can also go here (found it on the society’s membership page: with a specific link to help with donations for the fire recovery:


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