Promethease Update Based on 23andMe Change

I received an e-mail today from Promethease about an upcoming change by 23andMe that will affect Promethease and other sites that use third party apps to access 23andMe raw data from the 23andMe website. The text of the e-mail is quoted below.

Hello from Promethease,

We have received many inquiries about a recent announcement made by direct-to-consumer genomics company 23andMe which we’d like to address.

For years 23andMe has been providing the capability for users to directly transfer their raw DNA data from 23andMe to third party apps such as Promethease. Unfortunately, this functionality is being eliminated by 23andMe on September 6, 2018.

However, 23andMe will still allow users to download their own raw data (to the user’s computer or device), and we have always supported uploading these files to Promethease. It does take a few more steps, but this is the method to use after September 6, 2018 to transfer 23andMe data to Promethease.

If you previously created an account on Promethease, you can see your uploads at
and “regenerate” a fresh report from any of those files at no charge (as long as your previous report was created at least 45 days earlier, otherwise it’s considered fresh).

If you have access to any 23andMe data which isn’t yet stored with us, we invite you to use our quick and easy “Import from 23andMe” option for a short while longer, while 23andMe’s functionality is still available. There is a one-time fee, and once the data is in your Promethease account, future reports based on it are free (by clicking the “regenerate report now” link found on your account’s DNA file management page).

After 23andMe shuts down their API, we’ll remove the “Import from 23andMe” button. From then on, you’ll still have access to the same “Upload raw data” button that works for data from any of the many other companies we support. Specific instructions are available at


Mike Cariaso & Greg Lennon

P.S. If you are a company that would like to make it easy for your users to use Promethease, there is a simple way for you do so – see

I have probably close to two dozen websites that access my 23andMe raw data through API similar to what Promethease uses. I haven’t heard from any of them, but they are often smaller websites that haven’t considered how this change will affect their users.

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