LivingDNA Status Update – Minor Change for Me

Updated August 31, 2018 – still no matching and raw data uploads still showing awaiting testing; updated August 30, 2018 (post originally started August 29, 2018): Opt-in to matching showed up on my three kits. No matching yet, but it wasn’t there yesterday when I started this blog post.

LivingDNA is in the process of upgrading those who have tested, or transferred their raw data from other DNA companies. Once the upgrade completes for a person, they should start seeing matches. I mentioned the upgrade recently: LivingDNA Matching Update. I also talked about LivingDNA partnering with FindMyPast:

For those who tested with LivingDNA, and that includes those who order from FindMyPastDNA which uses LivingDNA to process the kits, you will get haplogroups (mtDNA and if male, Y-DNA), matching, and ethnicity estimates. The test runs $99 at LivingDNA and FindMyPastDNA, but you can sometimes get it on sale for less. Through August 31, 2018 although as of September 10. 2018, the sale price was still in effect, it’s on sale both places for $89.

If you transferred your results from another company, like FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritageDNA, what you get depends on when you transfer the raw data. If you do it during the initial roll-out phase, you get matching and possibly ethnicity results. I say possibly ethnicity results since they originally said ethnicity results weren’t included; then, they added a note you would get ethnicity results as long as your raw data was uploaded by October 2018. Now, the upload link indicates you will have the option to upgrade your account to include ethnicity breakdowns (I bolded it in the quote below since it wasn’t bolded on LivingDNA). I asked a few people who have connections for clarification and will update several blog posts once I get more information; I also e-mailed both companies (LivingDNA and FindMyPast) for clarification.  You won’t get haplogroup results although it sounds like they may be offering an upgrade option for those who transfer. No word on how much it will cost, but hopefully it will be a low enough cost option to make it worthwhile. Although you can get a basic to medium haplogroup result from several third party vendors (James Lick for mtDNA and Morley for Y-DNA).

To upload your raw data, click here: and follow the instructions. You will need an account with LivingDNA, but should be able to

  • Our brand new upload DNA Matching portal will be available for free and for a limited time. By being one of our early users, you’ll be one of the first to receive your matches when the new portal goes live as part of our Family Networks Beta celebration.
  • You will also have the option to upgrade your account to get further analysis of your results such as ethnicity breakdowns.
  • We will keep your data secure at all times (more info). When your results are ready, we’ll email you to begin your DNA adventure.

As of August 8, 2018, LivingDNA started updating existing users to include matching. They expect to be done by sometime in October 2018.

Here’s a follow-up to e-mails I sent to LivingDNA and FindMyPastDNA to clarify a change made a few days ago for those uploading raw data from other DNA companies:

Living DNA response:
The purpose for all uploads is to be part of Family Networks Beta. Find My Past as part of the collaboration together decided to offer people the ability to get an ethnicity match as well for part of the beta collaboration. This offer will continue for those that uploaded via that link until end of September when it will revert back to matching only.

As you mentioned you uploaded via the FMP link on the 1st August you will receive ethnicity results as part of the beta product.
We can certainly ask FindMyPast if they are willing to have your original data also part of the Beta for ethnicity, please let me know your LT number for this.

Hopefully, this helps clear things up.

FindMyPast response:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your query.

As part of our partnership with LivingDNA, for a limited period (currently until 1st October 2018) Findmypast customers can exclusively upload DNA test results they have from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage and Family Tree DNA. If you have a different test please contact Living DNA directly on

If you upload your DNA before the 1st October 2018, Living DNA will aim to deliver your results by 1st November 2018. Using Living DNA technology we will be matching to find new unknown relatives, with a high resolution ethnicity breakdown of your results.

To upload your results visit the following link, Upload your DNA where you will be asked to create a Living DNA account as part of the process. The results are then expected around November.

If you have any other questions please let me know.


Findmypast Support Team

It sort of clears things up, but is kind of muddy in places.


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2 Responses to LivingDNA Status Update – Minor Change for Me

  1. Desira Matisz says:

    I can’t add the book to my test kit order because I don’t have an LD or LT number


    • From what I have seen in other places, LivingDNA seems to care more for those who test with them or use FindMyPast kits that are processed by LivingDNA. I have results for two tests that were transfers from other companies that haven’t been processed for over a year and I think one was uploaded back December 2017. A third transfer test was processed, but it took a long time. The results from the transfer that was processed doesn’t include haplogroups, but I knew the haplogroups as that person did a full mtDNA and Big Y500 test at FamilyTree DNA.

      The number of matches for the processed kit is 1 last time I checked.


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