Convert 23andme V5 RAW to Gedmatch classic

Found this tool while researching another tool on Wilhelm Genealogy’s website.

via Convert 23andme V5 RAW to Gedmatch classic and other companies valid format.

For those wanting to upload your 23andMe v5 chip raw data to other sites, many of those sites won’t take them right now. LivingDNA, WeGene, GEDmatch Genesis, and a few other places will accept 23andMe v5 chip raw data uploads. FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), MyHeritageDNA, GEDmatch (non-Genesis side) and numerous other sites will not accept 23andMe v5 raw data. The v5 chip was first used by 23andMe in August 2017, but some kits during that time were still being processed on the v4 chip.

A couple of ways you can figure out which 23andMe chipset you were tested on. Don’t know exactly when they ran out of v4 chipsets, but if it was late 2017 or more recent, then it’s probably v5. A second and more reliable way is to go into your Settings on 23andMe:, scroll down to just above Privacy/Sharing and you should see something like the following:

Genotyping Chip Version      Version 3            Learn about chip versions

Whatever number is after Version (Version 3 in my case) is the chipset you were tested with. There have been five chipsets: v1, v2, v3, v4, and v5. If you go to, you will see the following:

Chip versions

A range of different chips have been used for the 23andMe test since the introduction of the service:

The above dates probably have some overlap where an earlier chipset was being phased out as the new chipset was being introduced.

As a last result, you can unzip the file (keep the zipped file as you will need it to upload some places). Once you unzip the file look at how many many columns are listed (usually at the bottom of the screen). If it’s around 570K columns, it’s v4; if it’s around 640K columns, it’s v5.

While the website doesn’t mention FamilyTree DNA as an option, you can try it and see. Same for other sites that accept earlier versions of 23andMe, but don’t accept v5.

There is another option to create a simulated 23andMe raw data file if you have a Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) test and I added it shortly after posting this blog post. It’s a different procedure developed by Thomas Krahn of




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