MyHeritage On Sale for $69 Through August 20, 2018 and LivingDNA for $89 Until August 31, 2018

If you follow my Current Month DNA Sales, you may have noticed that I mentioned in the Current July 2018 DNA Salesupdated July 19th that MyHeritageDNA had changed its price from $79 to $69, but didn’t show it as a sale price which is what they usually do by showing sale price $X, regular price $79. I didn’t make it a permanent price change since I didn’t know if the price drop was permanent. I can’t remember if I checked MyHeritage yesterday for pricing, but I checked the day before and it was still showing $69 with no indication it was a sale price. As of yesterday, Amazon still had MyHeritageDNA at $75 on its site, but after reading Eastman’s post, I checked and Amazon had lowered it today to $69.

When I first saw the price drop on July 19th, I didn’t report it as a permanent price drop because they had made no announcement, but they also didn’t include an end date. Back the end of May or early June, LivingDNA had done a similar price reduction where they dropped their test from $159 down to $99. They didn’t announce it anywhere I could find it and none of the DNA bloggers I follow made mention of the price change, but I don’t think most of them see LivingDNA as a big player yet. They are currently offering their test on sale for $89 through August 31, 2018.

I try and monitor daily the various DNA testing companies I list on the Monthly DNA Sale posts. I update them when I notice a change, which is usually after I visit the company’s website and see a price change. For example, I updated Current August 2018 DNA Sales with the new information I mentioned above.

This is also the last day for 23andMe‘s 30% off sale and also the last day to enter their contest to win one of 23 trips based on your DNA:

No word on when AncestryDNA‘s sale price (basically buy 2 or more tests in one order and the first test is full price of $99 and the other tests are $89).  It’s still showing when I checked a few minutes ago.


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