MyGenomeBox DNA – Accepts Raw Data from Several DNA Companies

I ran across MyGenomeBox when I was working on the Alphabetical Listing of DNA Companies. The company is based in South Korea. It has two options – you can upload your raw data from several companies – it needs to be a txt file (and not the zipped file – keep the zipped file as many places require the zipped file for uploading) or a VCF file (Variant Call Format – not to be confused with, vCard File a different type of file that is often used to store contact information.

As noted below, they accept raw data from several companies:Gene2me, DragonGeneBox, 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA and VCF files (often a fairly large file. They accept file size uploads of 1 GB or less with a total allowed storage space of 3 GB in your account. If you have an autosomal test from another company, you can always try and see if it will upload.

It has 70 free apps and 33 paid apps. You can use all of the free apps without buying any paid apps. I added all of the free apps without buying anything.

MyGenomeBox: – South Korean company. You can use your raw data (not sure which companies they accept raw data) or you can order from several companies. After creating your account, you can use 23andMe or Facebook to connect with your account. ****

**** I haven’t tried logging in with either 23andMe or Facebook.

User Guide

  • MyGenomeBox allow to use your raw genetic data form Gene2me, DragonGeneBox, 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA and VCF to create personalized genetic reports that will help you find the genetic information that`s right for you.

  • Once you upload your files, you can purchase DNA Apps.* You cannot purchase DNA apps if you have uploaded an unusable file.* If you still can not purchase DNA Apps after uploading your files, try re- login after logging out.

– – – –

It offers 70 free apps and 33 paid apps. The paid apps cost points or mileage and you have to purchase or earn points or mileage to buy the paid apps. For signing up, I received 10 mileage points and I used 9.99 of them to buy the Ancestry ethnicity results which cost 9.99, leaving me 0.01 mileage. They accept credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Apps are broken down into categories:

Here’s the list of the free apps – you have to click on each one and choose your DNA kit you are using (even if you only upload one kit) and click the check box. Some of the apps are available elsewhere or as part of your results from some other companies. You can compare some examples in my blog post: Insitome Regional Ancestry DNA Results – I will update that post as I dig through my results from MyGenomeBox. I don’t think I missed any, but it’s a long list.

Free apps:

DNA Matching service
Morning Person
Body Mass Index
Personalized Wine
Neanderthal DNA
Male Pattern Baldness
Skin Aging
Skin Pigmentation
Caffeine Metabolism
Body Mass Index Risk Analysis
Alopecia Areata
Straight Hair
Vitamin C
Skin Elasticity
Hair Thickness
Obesity and Exercis
Saturated Fat to Obesity
Endurance Training
Loss of Body Fat Response to Exercise
Insulin Sensitivity Response to Exercise
Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension
Resting Metabolic Rate
Childhood and Adolescent Growth
Weight Loss Response to Exercise
Achilles Tendinopathy
Aerobic Capacity
Alcohol Dependence
Adiponectin Level
Keloid Formation
Pregnancy Alcohol Use
Hypertension and Sodium Restricted Diet
Pleasure Response
Viagra Effect on Erectile Response
Cilantro Taste
Phytoestrogen Diet
Weight Loss Regain
Social Interaction
Strength Training
Weight Gain During Pregnancy
Exercise-Induced Ischemia
Weight Gain on High Fat Diet
Eating Disinhibition
Norovirus Resistance
Sweet Tooth
Smoking Behavior
Nicotine Dependence
Heroin Risk Analysis
Muscle Power
Recognize Faces
Cigarette Smoke Risk Analysis
Avoidance of Errors
Intelligence: Performance IQ
Pain Sensitivity
Lactose Intolerance
Asparagus Metabolite Detection
Socio-emotional Sensitivity
Warrior vs. Worrier
Non ABO Blood Type
Food Desire
Folate Diet
Psoriasis Risk Assessment
Avellino Corneal Dystrophy Risk Assessment

Paid apps with cost (in P which :

Comprehensive Personality 35.00 P
BRCA Plus 35.00 P
BRCA 25.00 P
Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Assessment 19.00 P
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 19.00 P
Heart Attack Risk Assessment 15.00 P
High Blood Pressure Risk Assessment 15.00
Multiple Sclerosis Risk Assessment 15.00 P
Type 1 Diabetes Risk Assessment 15.00 P
Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk Assessment 15.00 P
Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment 15.00 P
Thrombosis Risk Assessment 15.00 P
Cholesterol-Full 15.00 P
Cholesterol Risk Assessment 15.00 P
Neural Tube Defects 15.00 P
Tuberculosis Suspectibility 15.00 P
Ancestry 9.99 P
Age-related Macular Degeneration Risk Assessment 9.00 P
Atrial Fibrillation Risk Assessment 9.00 P
Blood Glucose 9.00 P
Blood Pressure 9.00 P
Triglycerides 9.00 P
Autism 9.00 P
Skincare 7.00 P
Obesity Risk Assessment 7.00 P
Depression 7.00 P
Premature Ovarian Failure Risk Assessment 7.00 P
Miscarriage : Recurrent Pregnancy Loss 7.00 P
Obstetric Complications : Thromboembolism 7.00 P
Antidepressants’ Side Effects on Sexual Function 7.00
Type II Diabetes on Newborn`s Weight 7.00 P
Custom Nutritional Supplement Guide 7.00 P
DNA Tourism 4.99 P (regular price was 10.00 P)

Click on the order page once you picked whatever apps you want to purchase (that includes the free apps).

You can purchase Charge Points and Mileage at the following rates (purchase prices are in USD):
$10 10P Charge Points, 0M Mileage
$30 30P Charge Points, 2M Mileage
$50 50P Charge Points, 4M Mileage
$100 100P, Charge Points, 10M Mileage
$500 500P Charge Points, 55M Mileage

– The Mileage validity is 60 days.
– The possible payments states are less than USD 3,000.00
– Charged points can be used permanently. However, if you want to refund, 10% of the purchased point will be taken away as refund fee. (Go to refund policy.)

Don’t know exactly what they mean by Mileage validity is 60 days, but believe it means the Mileage expires in 60 days.


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