Guardiome DNA Website Is Finally Back Up

Back in January 2018, Guardiome’s website had a note about

Come back for Guardiome v2.0 on February 1st 2018.

and the note changed almost every month delaying it to the next month with one time where they made it come back in two months. I last checked July 31, 2018 and it had a note about come back for v2.0 August 1, 2018. When I checked today, it was live. Still some fuzzy details on it, but thought people should know. I blogged about the website issue on two occasions: Guardiome DNA Website Update and  Latest Update on Guardiome DNA Website.

Guardiome: – as of August 2, 2018, it is now live again.

I believe several parts of the site still aren’t live as when I click on purchase it takes me to the shopping cart and shows; it does briefly take me to a shopping cart menu, but it quickly takes me to the below:


You have nothing in your shopping cart. Continue Shopping

When I click on, at the bottom is an e-mail sign-up link to be notified when it’s active.

It appears they will be offering the choice of ordering a DNA test from them or using existing raw data from other DNA testing companies as has two options at the bottom, neither of which do much when I click on them:

Don’t have your genome sequenced?

Satisfied with your genomic data?

One  of the above links directs you to a purchase link, but it took me to the shopping cart is empty link I mentioned above. The other took me to the sign-up for e-mails link. It appears they will at least be offering results for 50 or more apps, but it’s not clear if this is one-time fee or if you have to do like some other websites and have to pay per app you want to use. For example, I have and went with the plan where I get app updates where they add a new app every week. It was inexpensive to go this route as I qualified for getting the update free due to something I did (not sure what) so I am not having to pay $9/month for the weekly updates although I don’t know if it will stay free for me. They do offer a free plan where you get access to 30 of the 60+ traits available.

Another other route that Guardiome could take is how did it where you have to purchase each app. GenePlaza company does offer either a $3 credit if you upload your raw data from another DNA testing company or $6 credit if you purchase a kit from them. Many of the apps run in the $5 range with a few over the $5 pricepoint and several under it. In that case, check to see if the app is offered free elsewhere since some of the paid apps I came across on other sites were free if you went directly to the company that developed the app.

They could also go some other route. Time will tell which route they decide to take.

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