Last Day (July 31, 2018) for Some of the DNA Sales

I made the Current July 2018 DNA Sales post a sticky post, but you can view the various sales at Current July 2018 DNA Sales. I will be removing the sticky later today or sometime tomorrow and adding Current August 2018 DNA Sales post shortly.

The sales that end today are the following:

TeloYears discount code use promo code Summer18 to receive $10 off.

Helix discount code Helix is offering a 25% discount code, TDF25, through the end of July 2018.

HomeDNA GPS Origins Ancestry Test sale price $79 (Use Promo Code JULY79 in Cart) regular price $199.00 (looks at over 80,000 autosomal markers) – no word on when sale ends, but the code is July79 so I expect it ends July 31, 2018 – will update if it is still working tomorrow afternoon. If you have already taken a DNA test at another company (FamilyTree DNA aka FTDNA, AncestryDNA, Geno 2.0, or 23andMe*), HomeDNA offers a cheaper upload option. For $39,00, you can use this link (not an affiliate link) to upload your results.

*23andMe raw data for v4 and earlier chips. They are working on updating their system to accept 23andMe v5 chips, but currently can’t accept v5 chip raw data. The v5 chip was implemented by 23andMe in August 2017. You should be able to figure out which chip by how many SNPs are in your raw data. If your 23andMe raw data has roughly 640,000 SNPs, it’s v5.

Sales ending in August 2018:

23andMe the 30% off sale ends August 9, 2018. Ancestry (ethnicity) only kit sale price $69, regular price $99; Ancestry + Health sale price $139; regular price $199. Sale good through August 9, 2018. Amazon is matching the sale price and has free shipping.

In addition to the sale, 23andMe is offering a chance to win one of 23 world trips based on your DNA; contest can be entered daily through August 9, 2018 at

For the other sale prices listed in the Current July 2018 DNA Sales link, I couldn’t find an end date for most of them. In some cases, it appears a couple look to be price reductions, specifically MyHeritageDNA (price showing as $69 with no mention of a sale price) and LivingDNA (price showing as $99 with no mention of sale price).  For the following sale prices/promo codes, AncestryDNA; Dante Labs; Helix – check to see if there is a promo code before ordering; Vitagene – no expiration date listed, but will continue to monitor them as sales often end without warning. I will also monitor the other tests that aren’t on sale as new sales start unexpectedly.

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