Xcode Offers Two Free Tools and Several Paid Tools

I was familiar with Xcode from ISOGG’s DNA testing company list (see below), but hadn’t done much with it as many of the tools cost, with price ranging from $20.00 to $99.00. I haven’t done the free or paid tools. I discovered Xcode initially on ISOGG and later on https://dnatestingchoice.com/tests when I was researching for the Links section.

The below was from my Links section and I updated the URL since the .in redirects to .life now. I changed some of the below information on the Links section and and am reviewing the prices since it looks like Xcode made some significant changes since February 2018 when I originally added Xcode.

Xcodehttps://xcode.in/ (includes transfers from Ancestry, FTDNA, 23andMe, with prices for the transfer ranging from $10 – 50/analysis report requested – could easily hit $180 or more if you wanted all of the reports they offer; if you only want ethnicity, it runs $40 for the transfer. If you order the reports as a non-transfer, they run $150/report which works out to $1,200 if you wanted all 8 reports). It’s a company in India based on the .in URL.

Xcode offers a number of paid tools and two free tools with plans to add more tools and expand the free tools include additional DNA companies down the road. For the free tools (don’t know if the same applies to the paid tools, but best to download your paid results in case they get deleted in 48 hours), be aware Xcode deletes the raw data from their system 48 hours after they make it available for you to download.

The first tool, https://www.xcode.life/23andme-raw-data/tool-merge-dna-raw-data-files (this allows you to merge up to 30 MB worth  of files (csv or txt) into one super-file. This free tool only works with 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA),  and MyHeritageDNA. If you need to merge several files for an individual, try doing this all at once as long as you don’t exceed the 30 MB overall file size. Otherwise, do them in smaller batches since the merged files should have a fair amount of duplication (usually at least 100,000 SNPs or more.

The second tool is https://www.xcode.life/23andme-raw-data/tool-convert-ancestry-dna-raw-data-23andme (you can choose from 23andMe, Ancestry, or FamilyTree DNA aka FTDNA) and convert your raw data to one of the other two companies’ formats.

For the paid tools, you can find them at https://www.xcode.life/ or see link below to take you to the Shop page.

Here are the prices from https://www.xcode.life/product/ftdna-ancestrydna-23andme-raw-data-interpretation-analysis-tools and below the prices I included the companies XCode accepts raw data transfers.

Step 2. Choose your reports

  • Super Pack $99.00
  • Best Seller Pack $49.00
  • Gene Nutrition $20.00
  • Gene Fitness $20.00
  • Gene Health $10.00
  • Gene Allergy $10.00
  • BRCA & Breast Cancer $40.00
  • Gene Skin $20.00
  • Methylation $20.00
  • Ancestry analysis $40.00
  • Precision Medicine $40.00
  • Carrier Status $40.00
  • Traits and Personality (NEW!) $20.00

DNA companies Xcode accepts uploads with the paid option*:
Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)
Ancestry DNA
MyHeritage DNA
Living DNA
Genes for Good
Gene by Gene
We Gene
Dante Labs (VCF)
Whole Genome Sequencing files (VCF)

*The following clarifications (not mentioned on Xcode, but what I learned from dealing with DNA testing for :

Helix doesn’t provide your raw data for free and it would cost you $499 to get your raw data from Helix near as I can tell and I don’t know anybody who has done that . They do provide a very small file to U.S. residents if you order Geno 2.0 Next, but it’s nowhere near the size of the actual raw data file would be if you ordered it from Helix.

Gene by Gene is the parent company of FTDNA.

Gencove stopped accepting new free transfers June 2018 and plans on removing your existing files from their server June 2019; they do offer some other DNA services so you may be able to use some of the new results if you didn’t do the free transfer when Gencove was offering it.

Promethease allows you to download your results once the report is run. They typically delete your results off their server in 45 days unless you signed up when they were doing a free upload if you let them keep your results on their server.

Whole Genome Sequencing is offered by several companies and you would need the VCF file to upload. While not mentioned, DNA.Land, FTDNA’s Big-Y, and I believe Full Genomes Corp. (FG or FGC) provide a VCF file


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