Update on Helix DNA Tour de France Contest As It Enters the Final Week

Updated late morning July 23, 2018 and added some additional information, including the prizes that you can win. You can find the contest at https://www.helix.com/.

As a tease, here’s the question of the day for July 23, 2018, which is a repeat of yesterday’s question of the day. They have done it a few times during the contest. I noted it below, but by answering the question of the day (even if you get it wrong) Helix gives you a one-time use 25% coupon which works for any of their tests that don’t have coupon code attached already (only a few have coupon codes on them). And you can get a new code every day you participate in the contest.

Question of the day for July 23, 2018: Looks like they didn’t update the question of the day with a new question as this is the same question from yesterday.

How much prize money will be awarded to this year’s Tour de France winner?


Clue can be found at https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cycling/0/tour-de-france-2018-prize-money-much-will-riders-teams-earn/

If you have been following my blog post on Helix DNA July 2018 Contest, you should have noticed that I pinned it and that I update it daily with the new contest question of the day. I also include a link as to where you can find the answer to the daily question.  The contest runs for another week. Today I decided to try and guess what some of the next week’s questions might be. I am not affiliated with Helix other than having tested with them. The above link includes all of the questions of the day through July 22, 2018. I thought it was good for people to know what the past questions were. I add the new question of the day to the top of the list. I was updating the daily winners, but Helix hasn’t updated them since around July 14. I do check on the off-chance Helix starts updating again. You get the 25% discount code even if you get the question of the day wrong.

One possible question would be the highest average speed for the race. Hint, there were three years where it hit just over 37 kph. There are plenty of records and statistics Helix hasn’t used that are fair game for their contest.

On the plus side, researching the question of the day has given me a lot of information on the race that I wasn’t familiar with.

Congratulations to those participating in the Tour de France and to the racer who eventually wins it. Congratulations to the Daily winners of the contest and to the person who wins the Grand Prize.


Here are the prizes for the contest; I also listed them on the linked blog post above and you can find them on Helix as well.

Grand Prize:

Grand Prize Package

Specialized Pro Tour Experience

This prize package might not make you as fast as a pro, but you’ll certainly feel like one! Specialized has you covered from head to toe with this Pro Tour experience that includes the new S-Works Tarmac SL6—a machine that breaks all the traditions of design to create the fastest race bike for all conditions. And to ensure the winner has just the right setup, they’ll receive a custom Retul Bike Fit, just like the pros get before the start of their racing season. Rounding out the package, the winner will receive Specialized’s top-of-the-line shoes (S-Works 7) and helmet (S-Works Evade). After that, the pedaling is up to you.

21 Daily Prizes:

Specialized S-Works Evade


Specialized S-Works Evade


Garmin Edge 520

Garmin Edge® 520


Garmin Forerunner 935

Garmin Forerunner® 935


embodyDNA by Lose It!

embodyDNA by Lose It!


Fitness Diet Pro by DNAFit

Fitness Diet Pro by DNAFit


Beat Your Genes: Nutrition and Diet Coaching by Arivale

Beat Your Genes: Nutrition and Diet Coaching by Arivale


Regional Ancestry by Insitome

Regional Ancestry by Insitome


DNAPassport by HumanCode

DNAPassport by HumanCode


I expect some of the above prizes will be offered several times during the contest. I will monitor the prize page and see if they add more prizes as the contest continues.


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