MyHeritageDNA Regular Price May Have Dropped to $69

Update: MyHeritageDNA did not drop their price permanently to $69. It was an unannounced sale or SNAFU on the ordering page.

I haven’t seen official word from MyHeritage, but when I go to, it shows

Amaze yourself
Uncover your ethnic origins and find new relatives with our simple DNA test.
Only $69‎

It still shows $75 on Amazon if you go to Amazon, and with Amazon’s free shipping, it’s actually cheaper to order it through Amazon as long as they maintain the $75 price.

This is the second company that appears to have quietly dropped their price. The other company, Living DNA, used to show a regular price of $159 and a sale price of $79 or $99, but a few weeks ago, dropped the $159 regular price and only shows $99 + Delivery:

+ Delivery

I did an update on Living DNA as they made an announcement on their blog today that may be a bit of a game changer. You can find my blog post on the announcement at LivingDNA Partnering with FindMyPast.

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