LivingDNA Partnering with FindMyPast

Updated August 30, 2018: e-mail responses from LivingDNA and FindMyPast:

Living DNA response:
The purpose for all uploads is to be part of Family Networks Beta. Find My Past as part of the collaboration together decided to offer people the ability to get an ethnicity match as well for part of the beta collaboration. This offer will continue for those that uploaded via that link until end of September when it will revert back to matching only.

As you mentioned you uploaded via the FMP link on the 1st August you will receive ethnicity results as part of the beta product.
We can certainly ask FindMyPast if they are willing to have your original data also part of the Beta for ethnicity, please let me know your LT number for this.

Hopefully, this helps clear things up.

FindMyPast response:



updated August 29, 2018: LivingDNA appears to have dropped the free ethnicity breakdown for those who upload from other companies. I e-mailed them as well as FindMyPast for clarification, but the new wording indicates ethnicity breakdown won’t be included for those who upload; updated August 1, 2018: Looks like LivingDNA results will include ethnicity results for free transfers. When I uploaded back in December 2017, they weren’t providing ethnicity results for free transfers. You needed to order a kit from them to get the ethnicity results.

When I went to LivingDNA (blog post on the announcement, main site is, I checked their blog and noticed the announcement of a partnership between LivingDNA and FindMyPast (U.K. link – it’s based in the U.K.; for U.S. link, FindMyPast is similar to and MyHeritage as a genealogy website. You can find LivingDNA kits on the FindMyPast website at

Here are some key details:

Living DNA testing kits are now available to purchase and co-branded kits will be launched when the new integrated Findmypast and Living DNA service is introduced later in the year.

“Our partnership with Findmypast continues Living DNA’s mission to make DNA testing simple. We are passionate at not only providing cutting edge ways of looking at your DNA but to do so with strict privacy measures by  never selling your data. This partnership allows the most precise DNA test on the market to work together with Findmypast’s family history records in a way not done before” says Living DNA Co-Founder, David Nicholson.

This could be an interesting development as all three companies (Ancestry, MyHeritage, and FindMyPast) are either offering or partnering with companies that offer DNA testing. MyHeritage uses FamilyTree DNA (aka FTDNA) to process their kits, but you can order the kit directly from MyHeritage (or Amazon) as the kit is packaged as MyHeritageDNA, but also accepts transfers from most other major companies (23andMe’s v5 chip isn’t accepted yet, but only a matter of time before they do). LivingDNA does it owns test, but also accepts transfers from most other companies. The big difference is you don’t get full benefits if you do a transfer with LivingDNA. You won’t get haplogroup or ethnicity results. Hopefully, LivingDNA will rethink this as they move forward. They will start offering matches starting in August 2018 and those are supposed to be available to people who transfer their raw data from another company.

If you test directly with LivingDNA, including using FindMyPast to order the kit, you get haplogroup results (mtDNA and if male, Y-DNA), ethnicity results (including a breakdown of British areas), and matching once matching goes live next month.

LivingDNA has been focused on expanding their presence in Germany and they were doing (may still be doing) a project if your four grandparents were born in Germany. You can check it out at

Addit: New wording as of August 29, 2018:




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