Heirloom DNA Match Manager Tool

A free tool to manage your DNA matches: http://heirloomsoftware.com/dna-match-manager/.

DNA Match Manager is a free tool from Heirloom Software that lets you quickly and easily download your DNA match information from:

  • Ancestry (multiple tests supported)
  • 23 & Me
  • Family Tree DNA
  • GedMatch

Soon we’ll be adding My Heritage DNA to that list, as well as the ability to download results from multiple tests from other sites that support it.  Here’s a walkthrough of Match Manager so you can see what it’s all about:  http://bit.ly/mm-overview

Minutes Not Hours

Match Manager is fast.  In our testing, we’ve downloaded over 100,000 matches in less than 30 minutes.  No more leaving your computer running overnight to let it download matches.  Oh, and if you want to keep using your computer while Match Manager downloads, that’s not a problem.

To download over 100,000 matches in 30 minutes is a lot faster than some other tools that can hours, or days, to download a fraction of that number.

At some point, I will add a DNA Tools tab as there are a growing number of DNA tools out there. Some are apps (Apple OS, Android OS), and others maybe programs or sites you can use using a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. It’s a mixed bag as some work great on some platforms, but not at all or poorly on others.


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1 Response to Heirloom DNA Match Manager Tool

  1. Maureen O'Connor says:

    Use Heirloom Software’s DNA Match Manager with caution. Under some circumstances, it will cause conflicts with browser add-ons and affect how your Ancestry Matches are viewed. Also, do not expect Heirloom Software will be interested to investigate the problem. Customer Service skills rate as 0 with me.


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