DNA Testing Becoming Popular in Japan

I found this article about the increasing popularity of DNA testing in Japan although it appears to be more about health concerns or traits than about for genealogy purposes, https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-07-17/home-dna-testing-starts-to-gain-ground-in-japan-s-aging-society.

The market for consumer genetic tests is poised to reach 6.6 billion yen ($58 million) in sales by 2022, up from 4.3 billion yen last year, according to Fuji Chimera Research Institute. The sector is dominated by two local companies, Genesis Healthcare Co. and Genequest Inc. For 5,000 yen to 30,000 yen, customers can send off a cheek swab to find out their propensities for alcohol intolerance and allergies, to risks of diabetes and strokes.

Here are the links to the two companies that dominate the Japanese market: https://genesis-healthcare.jp/en/ and https://genequest.jp/ (it’s in Japanese; here’s their order page which is also in Japanese: https://shop.genequest.jp/)

For Genequest, Google Translate gave me some rough translation on the shop page:

Price: ¥14,800* or ¥49,800** (tax included)

*Lite version: diet, muscular strength, Bone joint, Aging of the brain, skin care, Metabolism, alcohol, AGA (hair related – baldness, thickness), body odor

** Health risk

Analysis item example
Type 2 diabetes / cerebral infarction / ulcerative colitis / hypertension / chronic hepatitis C / gout (kidney loading) / obesity / osteoporosis
Constitution –
Analysis item example
Co-dependence of alcohol and nicotine / exercise habits / hippocampal volume / blood pressure / earwax type / muscular strength / alcohol dependence / possibility of IQ increase in breastfeeding
Ancestral analysis –
From your genes you can find out where the ancestors came from the earth and what genetic features you have





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