AncestryDNA Processing Update

Another shout-out to The DNA Geek for letting us know about some changes AncestryDNA made to its processing timeline: If you are waiting on test results from pretty much any major, and some not so major, DNA testing company (23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTree DNA aka FTDNA, Full Genomes aka FG or FGC, Genes 4 Good, LivingDNA, My Heritage, Geno 2.0 Next,; Other), the DNA Geek has a spreadsheet that you can upload your information and see how fast other tests have processed. FYI, your processing time may be faster or slower than the average. If you tested with 23andMe, the 23andMe forums (you probably need to be logged into your 23andMe account to access this link or the July link below) has a monthly Waiting, Whining, and Wishing thread: here’s the one for July 2018: – they will an August one as it gets closer to August.

Here’s the breakdown of Ancestry DNA processing system (23andMe uses a similar timeline, but it had more steps when I took it back in 2013 and I have seen reports they added a few steps later); they include dates it went to each stage as it works its way through their system :

DNA kit activated
Kit received
Sample processing
DNA extracted
DNA analyzed
Results ready


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