23andMe 30% Discount Sale and Win Trip Around the World

Thank you to the DNA Geek for letting us know about the 30% discount on 23andMe kits and the chance to win one of 23 around the world trips based on your DNA.  You can enter the contest once a day through August 9, 2018. https://news.iheart.com/contests/win-a-trip-442918/

Sale price with 30% discount is Ancestry only $69; regular price $99; Health and Ancestry sale price $139, regular price $199.

Ancestry Service
Original Price: $99 Sale Price: $69
Health + Ancestry Service
Original Price: $199 Sale Price: $139

I haven’t decided where I would go if I win, but I have a pretty wide area to choose from:

(23andMe, v3 chip – latest ethnicity update):
  • British & Irish 39.4%
    United Kingdom
  • French & German 22.9%
  • Scandinavian 4.3%
  • Balkan 0.4%
  • Ashkenazi Jewish 0.1%
  • Broadly Northwestern European 27.5%
  • Broadly Southern European 2.9%
  • Broadly European 1.7%
  • East Asian & Native American 0.9%
  • Native American 0.8%
  • Siberian 0.1%
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