Name the Gene Contest – Ends July 15, 2018

I found this article about a contest to name the gene:

Some basic rules explained in the link above:

The gene’s current name is C6orf106 (C6 for short), reflecting its location in the human genome. But catchy as that is(n’t), we think we can do better – and want your suggestions!

Now before you start enthusiastically bashing Geney McGeneface out on your keyboard, there are a few rules (not set by us) for naming a gene. They have to:

  • Name suggestions should be brief, specific and convey the function of the gene
  • The first letter of the name should be the same as the location – so in this case, it’s a C
  • The ultimate decision on a name will be approved by the Human Genome Nomenclature Committee (HGNC) – the governing body that looks after this.

After submissions wrap up at midnight on 15 July 2018, our researchers will select the top choice and submit to the gene name governing body.

Note: the midnight is probably Australian time.

Appears that some in the comments section of the link haven’t read the section I quoted above.



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