GeseDNA Technology – Chinese DNA Company

I found this DNA company today, GeseDNA Technology. Don’t know how long it’s been around, but it’s focused on the Chinese market: (mix of Chinese and English). I don’t see it on ISOGG’s list of DNA companies – It took a couple of tries using Google Chrome and choosing translate page, but I was able to get what hopefully is a good sense of the main page’s sections.

You can access the main site at c, but unless you read Chinese or have a great translator program, I would go with the link in the first paragraph above. I added the company to my Links page –

Based on Google’s translating results (I used Chrome for this attempt as Google translate works better with Chrome), the main page,

Purchase price is 599.00 – 1499.00 which is roughly$90 – 225 USD (based on today’s exchange rate – check before you order as China sets its own exchange rate which can vary widely).

From the main page (using Google Translate for what it’s worth): top of page links:

Purchase test kit / my DNA / paid research project, / my status assessment /play various color personal homepage / login


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