Shipwreck Website

Here is one of the largest shipwreck websites,, out there. According to the website, they are the largest (their words, not mine so if you have an issue with their claim, please take it up with them, not me). It has information on 181,680 wrecks, 159,580 positions, 58,680 images, 2,287 maritime charts, 30,250 ship owners and builders, plus a whole lot more. I reference the site in an upcoming blog post that I am currently working on about World War II submarines that are on “Eternal Patrol” (i.e., they never came back from their last patrol).

I don’t remember when I first learned of this website, but it may have been when I researching about what happened to the USS Cyclops (AC-4), a vessel that is mentioned on a World War I memorial in Gulfport, Mississippi. If you follow a popular crime show on TV, you may recognize the name as one of the main characters was fascinated by the ship’s disappearance. Brownie points to those who figure which TV series, which main character, and probably why they were so interested in the ship. Some interesting theories on what may have happened to the Cyclops including a possible sighting of the shipwreck off the North Carolina coast.

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