How to Request Your RootsWeb Hosted Site for Restoration

If your RootsWeb site hasn’t been restored, you can request for it to be restored:

How to ask for your RootsWeb Hosted Site to be restored

If your hosted site has not been restored yet, you can fill out a form and request it.  And about 98% of all the sites have not been restored as of today. This includes homepages, freepages, and gen web sites of all types.

How do you know if your site has been restored?

If your site is ~xyz123  go to

If your site is there, you can go to Request Hosted Site Password and request your password be reset.  You will also be agreeing to Terms of Service.  Even if you have an old password or a mailing list password, you need to do this, or you won’t be able to access your count.

If you don’t see your site — it hasn’t been restored yet.

How do I ask for my site to be restored?

If you want it back, go to: Restore RootsWeb Hosted Website form and fill it out.  Make your best guesses if you don’t know all the information.

Will restoration be immediate?

NO!  It will take 2 to 4 weeks.  Everything has to be scanned and moved to a new server.

Will you get an email saying we are working on it?

No.  We will email you if we can’t find it. We will email you when it is back.  Or check the url. (see above)

My old URL was different

We will be bringing back the old types of URLs.  But our first goal is to reunite you with your content as soon as we can.

Note that it can take 2 to 4 weeks for it to be restored. The sad thing is many historical and genealogy societies only use RootsWeb to host their society’s website. If your society is one of those that doesn’t have an outside website for your society and it hasn’t been restored on RootsWeb (around 98% probability based on the above), you may want to contact them ASAP. It’s always, and I do mean ALWAYS, best to have a back-up plan for your website. Depending on how big your RootsWeb site is as to how easy it would be to create a back-up of it. If I hadn’t exported a copy of my original WordPress blog, I would have lost a lot of it when it crashed a while back. There are plenty of cheap and free alternative sites that can be used to create back-ups. If you are knowledgeable about hosting your own server, that’s a good alternative.



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