DNA Passport On Sale If You Don’t Have Helix Kit for Individual

I saw on Facebook where DNA Passport is on sale. This only applies if you need a Helix DNA kit since the sale price is $29.99 for the DNA Passport test (regular price) + $20.00 if you need Helix DNA kit (regular price of Helix kit is $80.00).  I am adding this to the Current July 2018 DNA Sales post. Note: it’s only a sale price if you need a Helix DNA kit for a person. Considering the kits typically cost $80 if you need it, it’s a great sale since you generally only need to order one Helix kit per person. For example, if you wanted to order the Geno 2.0 and DNA Passport test for somebody who needed a Helix kit, the kit is currently on sale for $30.00 on Geno 2.0, but is $20 for DNA Passport so you could order the DNA Passport kit first to take advantage of the cheaper Helix kit, then when you order the Geno 2.0 test, click the checkbox showing already have or registered Helix kit to save $30.00.

DNA Passporthttps://www.helix.com/shop/humancode-dna-passport/ $29.99 for test + $20 if individual needs Helix DNA kit (regular price of Helix kit is $80.00).

I found this particular test interesting in some ways, and you can read about my take on  it in an earlier blog post: DNA Passport Results. It does include a number of traits, and I am including my results that are in my earlier blog post. It’s worth noting some of the results will be using statistics to estimate certain things so those results won’t necessarily match your actual results. In my case, my hair color used to be either dark brown or black, depending on who you asked. Now, it’s mostly salt with a small trace of pepper.  For any wellness results, I encourage caution as experts don’t know all genes, markers, SNPs, alleles, etc. that cause a particular illness, condition, etc.

Various results

Academic Achievement Possibly higher educational attainment (this one appears to be a mixed result)
Episodic Memory: Likely to have normal recall memory
Ancestry (ethnicity – both as a percentage and on a map)
North/West Europe 46% (Northern and Western European)
North Europe 33% (British, Irish, Finnish)
Undetermined 12%
South/West Europe 9% (Iberian and Spanish)
Asparagus Pee More likely to smell “asparagus pee” (can’t respond as I don’t eat asparagus so I don’t know if my urine has the asparagus smell after eating it, nor do I plan on finding out as I am not a fan of asparagus)
B6 Metabolism Likely lower levels of B6
B12 Metabolism Likely to have typical B12 levels in the blood
Caffeine Consumption Double shot (i.e., Likely to be a fast caffeine metabolizer)
Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber – Normal muscle composition
Freckles – shows slightly more freckles, but the indication is only a bit over the halfway mark towards more freckles; don’t think I have an excessive amount of freckles compared to the average
Gluten Intolerance Normal risk level
Magnesium Metabolism – Possibly lower magnesium levels in the blood
Grip Strength – Weaker, although like the Freckles one, it’s almost in the middle and slightly closer to less strong
Alcohol Flush – Unlikely to Flush (from alcohol consumption) – I don’t drink alcohol so I can’t give feedback if I do or don’t flush.
Hair Color Brown – 78%
Eye Color – Brown 95%
Hair Curl – Straight – pretty close to the straight side unlike some of the other results that are almost mid-point
Joint Injury – Associated with increased risk for ACL injury.
Bitter Taste – Possibly unable to taste bitter – don’t know on this one as I tend to avoid bitter tasting foods
Lactose Intolerance – Likely to be tolerant of lactose (first fail as I am somewhat lactose intolerant; when I was younger, I wasn’t, but as I have got older, it has become more of an issue; it’s not as bad as somebody who has a stronger lactose intolerance)
Cilantro Taste Less likely to taste (in this case, the taste is a soapy taste that some people who eat cilantro or coriander products notice – again another fail as I definitely have the cilantro/coriander tastes like soap condition. In an interesting side note, I didn’t realize I had the soapy taste issue until I figured out why some foods that tasted soapy had cilantro or coriander in them)
Male Pattern Baldness Balder – again in the mid-point range with only a slight edge towards being balder
Eye Pigmented Ring – Normal, but less likely to have a colored ring.
Morning Person – Less likely to be a morning person – spot on. When I was younger, I was very much a morning person; as I aged, I have become a night owl
Omega-3 Metabolism – Likely normal blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids
Iron Metabolism – Likely typical blood levels of iron
Periodic Leg Movement (the same as Restless Leg Syndrome) – Possibly increased leg movement during sleep
Warrior vs. Strategist: Strategist
Photic Sneeze Reflex – Slightly less likely to be a sun sneezer
Sun Sensitivity – More sensitive and looks like this is a case where the markers aren’t mixed
Saturated Fat Metabolism – High saturated fat diet may affect weight; more likely to gain weight with a high saturated fat diet
Mosquito Bite Size – average sized mosquito bites
Skin Color – Medium 78%
Height – Taller (around the 2/3 mark so closer than the mid-points for many of the other items)
Sleep Duration – normal (pretty sure this is an iffy one; when I was younger, 6 hours was my norm; now it varies from 4 – 6 hours with some 7-8 hour nights
Perfect Pitch – No evidence of enhancement (doubt many who have heard me sing would disagree with this one)
Sweet Taste Preference – More likely to crave sweets (no argument from me on this one)
Vitamin D Levels Likely normal Vitamin D levels – don’t think my doctor would agree with this one as they have me taking Vitamin D supplements.
Body Mass Index (BMI): Lower BMI (more lean genes)

Below are some of my 23andMe results (current and archived ones, v3 chip):

Genetic weight: Predisposed to weigh more than average
Saturated Fat and Weight: Likely to weigh more on a high saturated fat diet
Alcohol Flush Reaction Unlikely to flush
Caffeine Consumption: Likely to consume more
Deep Sleep: Less likely to be a deep sleeper
Muscle Composition: Uncommon in elite power athletes
Sleep Movement: Likely average or less movement


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