Neanderthal DNA Comparison Between Three Companies

Updated July 20, 2018 to add Geno 2.0 Next (Helix) Neanderthal results.

Below are my Neanderthal comparisons between three (3) companies: National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 Project (using FamilyTree DNA aka FTDNA and includes Denisovan as well as Neanderthal); 23andMe; and Insitome (using Helix DNA). In the first screenshot, 23andMe has me with 2.8% Neanderthal. In the second screenshot, Insitome has me with 1.8% Neanderthal. In the third screenshot, Geno 2.0 has me with 2.5% Neanderthal and 3.7% Denisovan. In addition, I am including my 23andMe GEDmatch Archaic DNA results.

Added Geno 2.0 Next (Helix kit) – with screenshot, but 1.5% vs. 2.5% for Geno 2.0 (FTDNA).

Ancient DNA 23andMeNeanderthal Insit PercentAncient DNA Geno 20

GEDmatch (using 23andMe results):

Archaic DNA GEDmatch

I don’t take any of these results too seriously because the amounts of DNA are so low they would be considered noise if someone used them to determine ethnicity or relationship.

The reason for the differences between the three companies involve how many SNPs were tested by each company to generate the percentages. With 23andMe, they looked at around 960,000 SNPs; Helix (for the Insitome test) claims to look at 100x more markers than the average DNA tests from other companies (the other companies tend to average between 500,000 – 800,000 SNPs), but they want $499 to provide your raw data results – considering most of the other DNA testing companies provide your raw data for free, Helix should follow suit. Geno 2.0 (FTDNA) looked at 130,000 SNPs.

Addit: Geno 2.0 Next (Helix) results:

Neanderthal 1.5%

Geno 20 Next Neanderthal


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