Anonymous Matches on 23andMe to Disappear June 15, 2018

I saw this in a Facebook group, but I checked on 23andMe to verify.

As of June 15th, 2018, you will no longer see anonymous matches in DNA Relatives. Learn more

Here’s the direct link (it’s the link in the quote above:

From the link, here’s a partial quote:

In a previous version of the DNA Relatives tool, customers could choose to participate anonymously – meaning that their name would be displayed as “Anonymous” to their relatives. Since October 2015, new customers have been required to provide their name, initials, or a combination of the two and cannot participate anonymously. Customers who opted in to DNA Relatives and chose to be anonymous on the old experience have been required to update their display name in order to view their DNA Relatives.

As of June 15th, 2018, customers who have not updated their display preferences will be automatically opted out, and will no longer be visible in the tool to others. At any point these customers may opt in to participate simply by visiting the DNA Relatives feature and selecting their preferences.

My fourth closest match on 23andMe is anonymous. We share 2.79% DNA (which is about 208 cMs across 12 segments and 23andMe estimates us to be second cousins. I sent her a sharing request back in 2013 and have yet to hear back from her. She will disappear as a match next month and all I know about her is how much DNA we share and they we also share the same mtDNA haplogroup (C1b). Under the current 23andMe guidelines, I can only ask a person to share a maximum of 3 times. If I try a fourth time, it should automatically fail or more likely I wouldn’t be able to send a fourth share request. The exception is if a person declines a share request. In those rare instances, I can’t ask to share again even if it was my first share request.

Out of 1,643 matches on 23andMe, I estimate less than 92 are Anonymous. The estimate is based on downloading my results and applying Anonymous as a filter. From the other results, I am showing 2119 total matches on the download, but believe some are different segments for people who match on more than one segment so the total number of Anonymous matches may be much less than 92. In addition, a small number of the Anonymous matches (around 10 or so) have blocked sharing requests which means I can’t send them a request to share, but they still show up (for now until the new rules go into effect) on my list. I favorite those individuals so I can track who I don’t need to send share requests.

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