All of Us DNA Update May 14, 2018

Updated May 14, 2018: Added a bit more information as I wade through the different parts of the information they request.

As I mentioned recently, All of Us was going live. I received an e-mail to sign up for it a few days ago and after having problems getting past the first screen, I realized there was a Next button at the bottom of the screen that I wasn’t seeing on my laptop. You can learn more about the program at There are some questions you may want to Prefer Not to Answer (including Social Security Number since they do ask if you are willing to provide it).

It takes around 15 – 30 minutes to work your way through the various videos and other information provided. I viewed the transcripts as my laptop’s audio component isn’t that great, but reading the transcripts for the videos didn’t activate the Next button so I let them play through after reading the information. You have to sign a consent, but you can either do it by drawing your signature on the screen or typing out your name. If you don’t finish it in one setting, you have to start over with the process. Once you finish the process, there are additional steps to take under your To Do List. These seem to be doable at your own pace although the faster you do them the quicker you move through the process. I am in the process of going through the To Do List and will update this post as I get through it. It’s a pretty detailed and self-explanatory sign-up process with each step letting you know walking through the step.

The next steps are

The Basics

Overall Health


In the above, you can do them as you have time and it looks like you can change any answers as needed in most cases.



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