23andMe Suing Ancestry

Updated August 17, 2018: Posted an update in this blog post: Update to Ancestry.com Claims 23andMe’s Patent is Invalid.

Updated with note about one way that may get you around having to sign up with a professional e-mail address.

In an interesting lawsuit, 23andMe is suing Ancestry. You can see the specifics at https://www.law360.com/lifesciences/articles/1043063/23andme-hits-ancestry-com-with-patent-suit-over-dna-kit. (NOTE: You may have to close the pop-up if you get one that says you have to sign-up with a professional e-mail (apparently, GMail, AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc. aren’t considered professional email addresses).

Genealogy company 23andMe Inc. hit rival Ancestry.com with a false advertising and patent infringement lawsuit in California federal court on Friday, seeking to invalidate its “Ancestry” trademark and claiming the company sells a DNA-based ancestry test that infringes 23andMe’s patent.

I am not going to comment much on the specifics of the lawsuit as I am confident that any number of genetic genealogists who are legal eagles will soon be commenting on the lawsuit. I expect the lawsuit will either be dismissed or settled before it works its way through the judicial system even if it takes a few years before things are resolved.

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