BillionGraves Million in May 2018 Madness

Update June 2, 2018: May 2018 BillionGraves (BG) Results: Images Uploaded: 560,759; Records Transcribed: 822,911 Images: 21 accounts uploaded 5,000 or more images with three accounts uploading 51,000+ images WernerF (51,607), SteveN (51,560), and Kevin (51,482); Records Transcribed: 35 accounts transcribed 5,000 or more records with 4 accounts transcribing over 29,000+ records: ladynwht (33,051), WernerF (30,772), lesleypacker (30,089), and Alexandre M. (29,853). May 31, 2018 (about 12:30 A.M. with around 2/3 of a day to go before the contest ends: Current totals 554,777 images uploaded and 806,256 records transcribed (as of a few minutes ago).

As mentioned on the BillionGraves blog, and runs through the end of May –

Contest begins May 1, 2018, and ends May 31, 2018, @ 11:59 pm GMT (That’s 6 pm MST).

The Million More in May Competition is a friendly event geared towards adding 1 Million (yes, that’s a 1 with six zeros behind it!) unique images, and 1 Million additional records transcribed and added to the BillionGraves database in the month of May. With all the new users and wonderful weather we could easily reach our 1 million record goal, and make a lot of people, looking for those records, eternally grateful for the hard work.

Here are the tiers for this year’s rewards.

Tier 1:

1,000 Photos Uploaded | 500 Transcriptions ($30 VALUE)

For all users that upload more than 1,000 photos or complete 500 transcriptions, they will receive 6 months free credit to the BillionGraves Plus services!

Tier 2:

5,000 Photos Uploaded | 2,500 Transcriptions ($50 VALUE)

Automate your home with the latest from Google and Amazon. Upload 5,000 unique photos or complete 2,500 transcriptions to earn yourself the choice of a Google Home MiniAmazon Echo Dot, or $50 Amazon Gift Card*

Tier 3:

12,500 Photos Uploaded | 5,000 Transcriptions ($75-$100 VALUE)

Have you been dying to get your hands on DNA results from your favorite family tree or provider? Well, wait no longer! By uploading 12,500 unique images, OR transcribing 5,000 images, you will earn a DNA test from any of the providers below!

MyHeritage DNA 

23andMe DNA-Ancestry

GPS Origins Test and Report 

FamilyTreeDNA Family Finder



$75 Amazon Gift Card*

Reach this level in the month of May and we’ll send you the DNA test of your choice. The specific DNA test that can be earned can be found by clicking on the links above. Breakthrough those brick walls or be the center of your next family reunion with your DNA results from these great providers!

Tier 4:

25,000 Photos Uploaded | 15,000 Transcriptions ($250 VALUE)

We’re going to spice things up even more! Choose between a GoPro HERO (2018) Samsung Gear S3**, or $200 Amazon Gift Card*  when you upload 25,000 unique images OR transcribe 15,000 images!

The Grand Prize:

50,000 Photos Uploaded | 30,000 Transcriptions ($500+ VALUE!!)

Last but not least, if you upload 50,000 unique images, OR transcribe 30,000 records, we will give you your choice between a brand new, Apple Ipad 9.7 WiFi+Cellular**, Xbox One X, Apple Watch Series 3, Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera, TCL 55-Inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV, Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless + Noise Cancelling Headphones

– – – –

While you can have family or friends help you on a single account, only one prize is available no matter how many people help using one account.


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