23andMe Offers DNA Day Only Uploads from Ancestry.com DNA

Update:You may have to hit refresh several times when uploading your raw data to 23andMe and when activating your e-mail link as the site has bogged down with the free transfers and DNA Day Sales.

23andMe indicates it can take up to 6 days to process the transfer and it seems DNA Matching isn’t included in the free transfer.

We are preparing your reports now.

It may take up to six days to compute your data. We will send you an email once your reports are ready.

DNA Matching may not be available without buying a kit:

Buy a kit to participate in DNA Relatives

If you go here, https://www.23andme.com/discover23/, today only (April 25, 2018), you can upload your Ancestry.com DNA results to 23andMe. This is a first for 23andMe as they have never accepted transfers from other companies before today. It doesn’t appear to be available if you have an existing account with 23andMe that has tested with 23andMe. A workaround reported by some people is to use a second e-mail if you previously tested with 23andMe. You will need your Ancestry DNA raw data (zipped file) to upload. If you don’t have it, you can request it from Ancestry, but it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to get the link (check your Spam folder as sometimes it can wind up there). Make sure it downloads as a zipped file; some systems automatically unzip zipped files and you need the zipped file to upload to 23andMe. People report it can take up to 24 hours for your results to show up on 23andMe. The site is slow right now because many people are taking advantage of this free offer.

Once you upload it, you will be taken to a Consent page – you can choose to accept the Consent or refuse it. Next, you will be taken through a ton of medical questions and I do mean a lot of medical questions. Believe it was over 100 questions asked, but it could be more or less depending on how many times you answer yes as those tend to frequently generate additional questions.

I will be reporting back on how this turns out after I get results. It looks like you only get a handful of medical and other reports as they encourage you to buy a 23andMe kit,. It does look like Ancestry (ethnicity) reports are included. It also looks like you will have access to DNA Matching with this transfer. (appears you need to buy a kit to get DNA Matching access). The medical reports will include Muscle Composition, Saturated Fat and Weight, and Sleep Movement.

The offer expires around 2 AM tonight (US Central Time) or midnight tonight (US Pacific Time).

4 free reports. 1 day only.
We’re celebrating DNA Day by inviting Ancestry.com customers to upload their genetic data and receive 4 free reports.


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