Current DNA Sales April 2018

As always, check with the website to see current price as most of these tests frequently don’t have an end date, or the end date can end sooner or later than what was originally announced. Same goes for Amazon and EBay ordering. Last updated: April 25, 2018: Added free limited transfer information 23andMe is offering for Ancestry transfers (only good April 25, 2018, but you have up to 7 days to upload your Ancestry DNA results); also updated National Geographic’s DNA Day Only Sale and Helix Sale information and TeloYears sale pricing. April 24, 2018 (six updates for April 24 so far): Added 23andMe non U.S. sale prices, 24Genetics pricing, Ancestry DNA (Canada) to the Ancestry section below, added Dante Labs (no word on when Dante Labs sale pricing ends), added Futura Genetics (no sale price for DNA Day), MyHeritage non-U.S. sale prices, and updated YSEQ with regular prices. April 22,  2018: Added Ancestry DNA (U.K.) sale price. April 20, 2018: Added 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), and MyHeritage DNA sale prices and HomeDNA (added April 17, 2018) as it has joined the DNA Day sale recently. No word yet on FTDNA DNA Day Sale).

Not seeing too many DNA sales at the moment, but I expect to see more as DNA Day (April 25th) approaches. Prices as of April 10, 2018 – will update as sales occur over the next few weeks. For most of the major companies below, you can often save on shipping by ordering through Amazon. Check Amazon’s prices first and also check EBay (but make sure you are ordering the correct kit based on the photo). If you see a higher price on Amazon, you can usually submit a link showing the lower price elsewhere and they will usually price match in a day or two. You can also find kits for many of these companies on EBay, both the Buy It Now or Auctions and those prices are frequently cheaper than Amazon or the company’s site. For those hesitant to purchase from EBay, EBay has a pretty solid customer support as they do a lot to make sure you the buyer are protected from people who may try and cheat you.

23andMe – $69 for Ancestry (ethnicity) only and $139 for Ancestry (ethnicity) with Health; regular price $99 or $199 (on 23andMe’s website and Amazon). For non-U.S. kits, here are the sale prices: £59, £129 – UK, $99 CAD, $219 CAD – Canada, $99 USD – Australia (Ancestry only). Update April 25, 2018 (today only) – 23andMe is allowing free limited transfers for people who have Ancestry DNA raw data results (zipped file) – see 23andMe Offers DNA Day Only Uploads from DNA for more information.

24 Genetics: No DNA Day Sale pricing, but here are the regular prices: Health + Ancestry(ethnicity): $199; Nutrigenetics + Ancestry (ethnicity): $199; Skin Care: $249; DNA Sports only: $199; you can add other tests for a bit more when you order one of the above kits. 24 Genetics DNA Panel (700,000 markers: 199€ – That’s Euros; roughly 1 Euro = $1.22 as of April 24, 2018, but check using a converter before ordering as the exchange rate can go up or down, often on a daily basis); Exome Sequencing (999; 40 million markers); Whole Genome: 1999 (over 3 billion markers).

24Genetics DNA Panel 199
  • Markers: 700.000
  • The perfect sellection
  • +200 Illneses Predisposition
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Methabolic profile
  • Traits and wellness
  • Basic Ancestry Report
See more
Exome Sequencing 999
  • Markers: 40 Million
  • 85% of the usefull genome
  • +200 Illneses Predisposition
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Methabolic profile
  • Traits and wellness
  • Basic Ancestry Report
  • Nutrigenetic Report
See more
Whole Genome 1999
  • Markers: 3 Billion
  • 100% of your Genome
  • +200 Illneses Predisposition
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Methabolic profile
  • Traits and wellness
  • Basic Ancestry Report
  • Nutrigenetic Report
  • Skin Care Report
  • Sports Report
Buy now

Ancestry DNA – $59 (regular price $99), but in the past, the sale price didn’t always show up for all Ancestry accounts. Still showing as $79 on my Ancestry order page, but others have reported it’s $99 on their order page and it’s also $99 on Amazon. As cheap as $44 – $50 on EBay. Updated April 20, 2018 to reflect sale price is now at $59. For U.K. customers, they lowered the price as well. Updated April 22, 2018: Ancestry DNA (Canada) is on sale for 89 CAD (regular price is 129 CAD), sale ends April 30, 2018. Amazon currently offers the U.S. kit for $68.95 which is more than its sale price on Ancestry.

Only £59* + delivery

reg. £79 SAVE 25%

Dante Labs: Sale prices: Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) $699 (regular price $1,000; Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) $499 (regular price $750).

Family Tree DNA Updated April 20, 2018 with the following sale items:

Family Finder (autosomal test) $49 (regular price $79). $69 on Amazon, but they generally price match so it should go down to $49 on Amazon soon.

mtFull Sequence $149 (regular price $199).

Y-37 (males only) $139 (regular price $169).

Y-67 (males only) $209 (regular price $268).

Y-111 (males only) $289 (regular price $359).

Big Y-500 (Big-Y + Y-111; males only) $649 (regular price $799). Tests 500 Y-markers, including the Y-111 markers (it will also show Y-111 in the cart and do not remove it from the shopping cart). Here’s more information on Big-Y for those who already have Y-111 test: (specifically, it mentions:

Dear Customer,

We have launched the DNA Day Sale, and our new Big Y-500 upgrades are on sale!

Y-111 customers can upgrade to Big Y-500 for $349!

Due to a small glitch in the shopping cart for a few specific kits, pricing will not reflect the upgrade sale price of $349 for some Y-111 kits.

If your kit is one of the kits impacted by the glitch and you are not receiving the upgrade price of $349, please follow the below steps.

Steps To Upgrade to Big Y-500

  • Step 1: Email customer service at
  • Step 2: Include Big Y-500 Order in the subject line
  • Step 3: In the body of the email, please include the following:
    • First and last name of the tester
    • Kit #
    • Define whether you are the tester or the kit manager

After receiving your email, a Customer Service Representative will place your order and then send you a link to make your payment. The representative will contact you if any additional information is needed.

Please advise we are experiencing a high contact volume during the sale. If you experience a delay in our response, we will continue to honor the sale price after the sale end date for the upgrade from Y-111 to Big Y-500 as long as we have a record of you emailing us.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Happy DNA Day!
The FamilyTreeDNA Team

Important: Test bundles are per individual only and may not be split between testers

Family Finder + Y-37 (males only) $179 (regular price $248).

Family Finder + Y-67 (males only) $249 (regular price $347).

Family Finder + mtFull Sequence $189 (regular price $278).

Family Finder + Y-67 + mtFull Sequence (males only since it includes a Y-DNA test) $398 (regular price $546).

Full Genomes Corp. (FG or FGC) – no sale prices as of April 7, 2018. Hard to say if they will offer DNA Day sales or not. In the past, I don’t recall if they have offered DNA Day sales.

Futura Genetics: regular price $375 for results that look at 28 common diseases. It has one of the best privacy policies of any DNA testing company.

GenCove – upload your results from another DNA company for free or $59.99 if you order a kit from GenCove.

GenePlaza – no sale, free upload if you tested with most major DNA companies with small bonus (3 Euros if you do the free upload; 6 Euros if you order a kit from them) to spend on different apps they offer. Don’t see a price for how much the kit would cost if you needed to order one.

Geno 2.0 (Helix – U.S./FTDNA – non-U.S., or National Geographic direct) – Helix $69.95 + $30 if you need to order a Helix kit (regular price $199.95 which generally includes Helix kit cost, but kit runs $30 – 80 otherwise); $79.95 if you order two or more kits directly from National Geographic. Update (April 25, 2018): Today only National Geographic has the sale price down to $69.95 on its National Geographic Geno 2.0 website. Also, Helix is discounting the Helix kit cost so you won’t have to pay the extra $30 – 80 if you don’t already have a Helix DNA kit and you order Geno 2.0 through them.

Helix – Update April 25, 2018: 25% off most tests (tests already on sale aren’t discounted and sale ends May 1, 2018 at 3 AM US Eastern Time) – some tests include free Helix kits if you don’t already have one, but most don’t offer the free kit (Helix kit usually runs $80, but can go as low as $30 or free for some tests; you generally only need one Helix kit/individual so once you get it, you can check the already have kit to avoid paying for another kit) went through as many of the different Helix tests offered to see which are on sale (current as of April 14, 2018); worth noting that if you purchase a Helix kit, you generally don’t need to purchase it again (exception is if you do the Baby Glimpse test which requires a separate kit for both parents) so you are saving the cost of the kit price if you already have a Helix kit (savings range from $20 to $80 for the Helix kit). For Geno 2.0 Next,see above for the current sale price. Goal Getter sale price $130 + $40 if you need a Helix kit (regular price $260 + $80 if you need a Helix kit. DNA Passport – not on sale, but the kit for it is on sale; regular price for test is $29.99 with $80 for Helix kit if you need one; temporarily the kit for this test is on sale for $20 N.B.: the Helix kit price is frequently based on which test you initially order and if the kit for a particular test is on sale with the Helix kit ranging from $20 to $80 with $80 being the regular price. Baby Glimpse – not on sale, but the kits are on sale: regular price is $99.98 + $160 (for two kits; one for each parent); current kit prices are $100 for two kits. My Traits Sports for iOS – not on sale, but the kits are: regular price $19.99 + $80 for Helix kit if you need one; sale price of kit is $20. embody DNA – sale price $49.99 + $20 if you need a Helix kit (regular price $109.99 + $80 if you need a Helix kit). Goal Setter: sale price $130 + $40 if you need a Helix kit (regular price is $260 + $80 if you need a Helix kit).

HomeDNA off and free shipping. Use DNA20 or BESTDAY20 (both were listed in the e-mail I received today)  for promo code. Sale ends April 26, 2018. HomeDNA is also available at CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and Rite Aid stores – kits may or may not be on sale at local stores (e-mail indicates promo code only available on HomeDNA’s website) so check prices at HomeDNA before checking out HomeDNA kits locally.  HomeDNA also accepts raw data from 23andMe (v5 chip uploads not available, but they are working on making it available in the near future), Ancestry, FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), and National Geographic (don’t say if it’s only FTDNA or Helix or if they accept both – most likely only FTDNA as Helix hasn’t made raw data available yet, but Helix has plans to offer raw data soon).

Living DNA -$79.99 -(regular price $159) – has been a sale price a while and no ending date is listed, other than Limited Time Discount. Update: price dropped from $99 to $79.99 for DNA Dale Sale. Doesn’t say how long the new price will be in effect.

MyHeritage -$69 (regular price $99) – no end date listed. Updated April 20, 2018 to reflect new sale price. For non-U.S. sale prices, £39 UK, 64 AUD.

TeloYears – see Tribecode below in addition to what’s listed here. TeloYears (health only) – $89 (regular price $99); Ancestry $99 (not on sale); Health + Ancestry $169 (regular price would be $199). Updated April 25, 2018 to add Health sale price.

Tribecode – $99 regular price; ordered through TeloYears  and appears to be the Ancestry/ethnicity portion only (some of the TeloYears tests are on sale, but don’t know how long the sale lasts).

Veritas Don’t see a DNA Day Sale price for Veritas, but here’s a link to their 30x read DNA kit: It appears to be $999 for their 30x read based on what somebody who ordered the kit reported for pricing. For additional information, here’s a link to the company’s PDF:

WeGene – regular price or free upload of your 23andMe (including the latest v5 chips) or Ancestry raw data. – regular prices as YSEQ generally doesn’t do too many sales. Will continue checking in case they do a sale for DNA Day. Prices range, depending on if you want an individual Y-DNA SNP or various STR ranges, mtDNA (several options) to a 15x read, 30xread, or 50xread full DNA test. 15x read: $740; 30x read: (+ $600 above 15x read price) ; 50x read: (+$1,430 above 15x read price) ; Other Extras (price is in addition to whatever read you order) add $90 if you want USB drive sent to you (otherwise, you can download your results through a link for no additional cost; Sanger extra Y-DNA results (up to 10 Y-DNA SNPs): $100; you receive 4 cheek swabs and you need to use all four and mail them back to YSEQ.


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