Death Wears Bunny Slippers YouTube Channel And Links for Old Missile Silos

I may never get to own an old missile silo, and it’s on my Bucket List as there are several in Kansas and Oklahoma that are available at this time. I am not a prepper as I believe these won’t protect too long against any of the usual prepper scenarios I have read.

I don’t remember how I ran across Death Wears Bunny Slippers (DWBS) on YouTube, but it’s the ongoing story of a man who purchased an old Titan II silo in Arkansas. If you aren’t familiar with Titan II silos, they had the top portion of the various areas removed and imploded or otherwise filled with debris. The owner has a DWBS Patreon page if you want to donate in helping him rebuild it. If you want to purchase DWBS items without doing the Patreon option, you can find hats, beanies, rebar, and T-shirts at (prices range from $15 – 25, depending on what you want plus shipping) .

Here’s the general location of the various Titan II silos (scroll down to Arkansas for those in Arkansas). Be aware old missile silos tend to either be owned by the government or are privately owned which means you need permission from the owner to visit the property.  Also, they can be dangerous to walk around if you do get permission to visit. Additional links can be found at (scroll down about halfway to see the Little Rock locations).  You can find trip reports at (focus is on Nike and other missile sites, but some of them include visits to Titan II silos) or and the reports may include photos taken of the old sites. The people providing reports on Scott and Ed’s sites had permission to visit the old sites or they photographed from public access areas.

I live in Kansas and Kansas had three (3) types of nuclear missile silos: Atlas E and Atlas F silos which weren’t imploded and Titan II (around the Wichita metro area) that were imploded. That doesn’t include Nike or other related sites, like communication bunkers, in Kansas. For good information on the Atlas silos in Kansas, you can either use (look for Schilling Air Force Base for Atlas F; Forbes Air Force Base for Atlas E) or (scroll down towards the bottom as he mixes Atlas E and Atlas F) ; this site, has Nike sites (one of the old Nike sites in Kansas was purchased by a school district and is now used as a middle school. In addition, there were several communications bunkers in Kansas – try (includes some items that weren’t silos or communications bunkers, but a good list overall) and I am not sure if it covers all of the Communications Bunkers in Kansas. Looks like there were four (4) long lines bunkers in Kansas – (scroll down to Kansas) – the sites are near  Concordia, Fairview, Hoyt, and Louisburg.

In an interesting twist, one and possibly two of the Kansas missile silos are being set up as condos: You will need $1.5 – 3 million or more to buy into the project.

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