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What Prevents DNA Circles Formation on Ancestry

Here’s a good basic primer on how to improve your odds of a DNA Circle forming on Ancestry – https://support.ancestry.com/s/article/How-DNA-Circles-are-created-1460089695851. However, I didn’t see clear-cut limitations on some things that have been reported as preventing formation of a DNA Circle. … Continue reading

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uBiome Smart Gut Now Available in Canada

Received an e-mail that uBiome’s Smart Gut DNA kit is now available in Canada. You can learn more about Smart Gut at https://ubiome.com/clinical/smartgut/. Hello from uBiome! We have great news for you: SmartGut™ is now available to residents of Canada! … Continue reading

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Good Take On Ethnicity Results

As reported in this blog post https://gizmodo.com/how-dna-testing-botched-my-familys-heritage-and-probab-1820932637.  This one statement from the article best sums it up: “They’re not telling you where your DNA comes from in the past,” he told me, “They’re telling you where on Earth your DNA … Continue reading

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DNA Passport Results

Updated August 9, 2018: added four new traits that 23andMe added to my list. I haven’t added it yet, but I recently uploaded my 23andMe (v3 chip) raw data to Silverberry Genomix and they gave me nine free reports which … Continue reading

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