Places You May Be Able to Upload Your DNA Raw Data

The below list is not comprehensive and some of the upload options are free, others are freeium (partly free and partly paid depending on the site and what you want to do on the site), and paid (paid options run the gamut, starting at inexpensive for some sites).

Places You May Be Able to Upload Your DNA Raw Data (NOTE: ability to transfer or upload results can depend on which company you tested with and which version of the company’s test you took)

MyHeritage (free transfer or $99; currently on sale for $59)

FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) Limited free transfer with full upgrade costing $19.00 (free transfer link:

WeGene (free transfer of Ancestry DNA or 23andMe; if you need a kit around $170 or so, depending on the exchange rate when you buy it)

LivingDNA (no ethnic results or haplogroups if you do the free transfer; $159 regular price, but on sale for $99 right now)

GenCove (free transfer or $59.99)

GenePlaza ($3.00 credit if you upload your raw data that can be applied to any apps with prices ranging from $0.99 to $5.00)

GEDmatch (mostly free, but Tier 1 costs $10/month) and GEDmatch Genesis Beta:


Promethease ($5 – 10 for most reports):

DNA Painter

DNA GEDCOM ($5 or $10/month for DNAGedcom Client)

Good link for various tools, includes some of the above and a few not mentioned above. Price ranges from free to somewhat pricey, but many are free or fairly inexpensive)

I will try and keep this list updated with free and paid places you can upload your raw data as new choices become available and if existing choices change prices or are no longer available.


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