Insitome Regional Ancestry DNA Results

Updated July 20, 2018 to add link to Ignore Ethnic Results Below the Continental Level so you can see how these results compare to the other companies that gave me ethnicity results.

Here’s the basics from their website:

Europe 100%
Western European 60%
East European 23%
Basque 16%
Finnish 1%
Ashkenazi 0%
North Mediterranean 0%
Sardinian 0%

Other Regions:

Africa 0%

Bantu 0%
Central African 0%
Khoisan 0%
Nilotic 0%
West African 0%

America 0% (or Native American/First Nations)

Amazonian 0%
Central South American 0%
North American 0%

Asia 0%

Austronesian 0%
Central Asian 0%
Northeast Asian 0%
Siberia 0%
South Asian 0%
Southeast Asian 0%

Middle East, North Africa 0%

Arabian 0%
Caucasus 0%
Levantine 0%
Northwest African 0%

Oceania 0%
No breakdown below Oceania

The above has been added to my other blog post about ethnicity and I am also linking this post to the earlier post about Insitome.

The below maps give a rough area where Insitome estimates my DNA (based on Helix’s results) to come from:

BasqueEast EuroFinnishWest Euro

I didn’t include screenshots from the regions or areas where I had 0%, but if people are interested, I can add them at some point. For the Basque, I did some some Basque in one of the GEDmatch admixture results. Some tests and admixture results give Mediterranean, Southern European, Spain, or Iberian Peninsula  which could be Basque. I also show some Finnish in some of my other DNA tests and GEDmatch admixture results. Eastern European showed up in some results and Western European usually shows up in all of my DNA tests and most or all admixture results that include Western European (including British, French, and/or German variations). On their blog, they explain why they don’t

Insitome offers a separate Neanderthal test (initial reports say it is more cutesy than useful from several ISOGG members who have purchased it), $29.99 (+$80.00 for the Helix kit if you don’t already have a Helix kit for the individual). They also offer a Metabolism test (looks to be a Hunter/Gatherer dietary comparison, ranging from lactose tolerance to fat synthesis to alcohol tolerance) for $39.99 (+ $80 for the Helix kit if you haven’t previously tested with Helix). They have plans for five (5) additional tests with preview shots as teasers. If I had to guess, one has a bunch of flags so they may try and narrow down nationality; one has children so it may estimate your children’s traits; one has a face which may be something to do with predicting facial features; one has fire and that’s the one could be any number of things, ranging from phobias, light sensitivity to anything else; and the last one has what looks like runner’s feet which is probably a sprinter vs. marathon comparison as there are already some DNA companies who provide this information. Will be interesting to see how close or far I miss the mark on estimating these new tests. I am guessing price ranges in the $29.99 – $39.99 (plus $80 for the Helix kit if needed).

Here’s a screenshot of the traits tests available, or coming soon, with Insitome. If the coming soon images look blurry, blame Insitome as that’s how they appear on their website.

Insitome Coming Attr


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