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My GEDmatch Admixture Results

Updated April 12, 2019: Added Tags. Update March 17, 2018: For the GEDmatch Admixture results, the numbers usually refer to percent of DNA from each region.  However, each Admixture test is geared towards a specific ethnicity or region so they … Continue reading

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Maternal vs. Matrilineal and Paternal vs. Patrilineal – There is a Huge Difference

Too often, non-experts and way too many genealogy experts use paternal and maternal when they should be using matrilineal and patrilineal. Half of your ancestors are maternal and half are paternal, but only a small fraction of those ancestors fail … Continue reading

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Helix DNA Test Offerings And Why You Shouldn’t Buy Most of Them

NOTE: Be sure to check what devices the test you want to order is available for. Many of the individual tests only work on iPhones or Apple devices. Some also work on Android or online, but check each one since … Continue reading

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MedBetterDNA Chrome Extension

I saw the MedBetterDNA Chrome extension mentioned on Facebook. You can find it by typing in MedBetterDNA or by using this link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/medbetterdna/gnbpjempamffbpppblmabeeimkppenla/reviews?hl=en-US. You will need to do this using Chrome as your browser and you will need to access … Continue reading

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