Current DNA Prices January 7, 2018

Updated: January 9, 2018 – some of the prices have changed from January 7; please double check before ordering.

Before purchasing from any of the below DNA companies, always check the price before you order as prices can change fast. The below prices are for U.S. customers and don’t include shipping charges that can often run $10 or more. For non-U.S. sites, check the appropriate website and choose your country.

Starting with FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) – autosomal (they call it FamilyFinder) – $79 with Y-DNA starting at $169 and mtDNA starting at $199.  Amazon had it down to $69 a few days ago, but as of today, it’s $79.

Ancestry DNA $79, but if you purchase four at one time, the fourth is free (basically, buy 3, get the 4th for free). Same price on Amazon

MyHeritage DNA $69 (regular price $99); $69 on sale at Amazon.

23andMe DNA: Genealogy only $99; Genealogy + Health $169 (regular price $199 – sale ends January 31, 2018); Genealogy + Health on sale on Amazon for $169.

Geno 2.0 Next – $99.95 if ordered through National Geographic; through Helix, it’s also $99.95 if you don’t have a Helix DNA kit for the person, but $69.95 if the person has a Helix DNA kit already (remember to click already have a Helix DNA kit if it applies).

Living DNA $99 (regular price $159). – 30x Full DNA test $1199 (through January 18, 2018, regular price a bit higher at $1,250) – this is a full DNA test. They send four (4) cheek swabs and you need to use all four to collect enough DNA for the test to work. You can add some other things to the order, most of which will cost extra. You are shipping to Germany so plan accordingly. I ordered some simple SNP testing from YSEQ and one cheek swab was $6.50 shipping for the slow rate which was cheaper than $30 for the fast mailing rate. Good thing I went with the slow rate as Germany was in the middle of a postal strike when I sent back my kit.

For free transfers, WeGene (link is to the English portion of WeGene; they accept 23andMe and Ancestry transfers or you can order a kit from the company,), DNA.Land (they went with instead of .com), MyHeritage, and FTDNA offer free or limited free transfers. Living DNA is in the process of offering free transfers, but you won’t get ethnic results with your free transfer.

You can also upload your autosomal results to GEDmatch from all of the major companies. You may need to use their Genesis beta project for some companies.




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