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Social Security Numbers and Social Security Death Index

I was going to post this in response to a Facebook comment, but decided it deserved a place on my blog. The question was raised about when Social Security Numbers SSNs) were first issued. This isn’t as easy an answer … Continue reading

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Y-111 Update (Updated January 7, 2018)

Update January 7, 2018: My results came in on January 3, 2018, long before the late January – mid-February anticipated date. On December 13, 2017, I took advantage of a sale to upgrade my FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) Y-67 results to … Continue reading

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Facebook Jail

Saw this posted in a Facebook group. A person Liked too many posts and was blocked from Liking for a while. Somebody said it’s more than 10 Likes/hour and in my experience it was Liking too many posts in a … Continue reading

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Self Published, Independent Publisher, or Traditional Publisher

This is a question that comes up in many author and author want-a-be Facebook groups. I will start with traditional publishers as too many people expect they will eventually be accepted by a traditional publisher. I will also cover independent … Continue reading

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Insitome Regional Ancestry DNA App

Updated January 28, 2019: added Judy G. Russell’s 2018 and 2019 Not Soup Yet links. Update January 25, 2018: In the wee hours of the morning (around 230ish AM Central Time), I received notice from Insitome I should be getting … Continue reading

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HumanCode DNAPassport iOS App

I didn’t realize HumanCode’s DNAPassport app was only available for iPhones when I ordered it. Many of the ads don’t make it clear it’s only available for iPhones. My question to HumanCode’s CEO is why you would make an app … Continue reading

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Find-A-Grave FAQs Changes

With the update to Find-A-Grave (, the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) have changed not only location ( – the old link is pretty useless as you will notice if you click on it), but many of the old FAQs have … Continue reading

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Change Detection Has Changed

In another blog post, I was going to suggest using Change Detection (URL now redirects to Visual Ping) to monitor changes. When I went to add a new website to monitor on Change Detection, I was redirected to Visual Ping … Continue reading

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World War II – Today in History

There are numerous World War II today in history sites. For the U.S., today would have been less than three weeks after Pearl Harbor. However, I count World War II starting with the Japanese invasion For example, this one, reading

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Helix, Helix/HumanCode and GEDmatch Potential Issue, and All of Us

When I logged into GEDmatch ( earlier today, I saw the following warning: Dec. 24 ALERT! A company named Helix is attempting to sell an app called DNApassport and implying they are associated with GEDmatch. We have no knowledge of … Continue reading

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