FTDNA August 2017 DNA Sale


FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) has announced its Summer Sale; runs through August 31, 2017. More information can be found at https://www.familytreedna.com/sale

It’s one of several DNA sales going on right now.

Individual Tests (as opposed to Bundles)

Family Finder (autosomal test – males and females) $69 (regular price $89)
Y-37 (males only) $139 (regular price $169)
mtFull Sequence (males and females) $159 (regular price $199)
Big Y (males only and you may need to have tested to at least Y-37 markers; if not, contact FTDNA and see if they will let you order by either ordering or upgrading to Y-37 or higher;  Big Y is not on list  in the above link, but reported by several FTDNA project admins) $395 (best sale price to date) regular price $595

Family Finder + Y-37 (male specific test bundle) $198 (regular price $258)
Family Finder + mtFull Sequence (male or female test bundle) $218 (regular price $288)
Family Finder + Y-6 + mtFull Sequence (male specific test bundle) $430 (regular price $556)


Best to check out all the DNA sales before making your final decision, but if you want mtDNA and/or Y-DNA, this is one of the better sales and FTDNA is one of the few companies that offers these tests and they include matching. Other companies that offer Y-DNA include Full Genomes and YSEQ.net; YSEQ.net also offers mtDNA and full DNA testing. Full Genomes also offers full DNA testing, but neither YSEQ.net or Full Genomes offers matching.

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