AncestryDNA Tests $79 with $69 for Additional Tests Ordered at Same Time


If you want an AncestryDNA test, they are currently running $79 for the first test with additional tests ordered at the same time being $69 each. You can find them at

According to an unnamed Ancestry employee (per a comment in a Facebook group), Ancestry is testing $79 as a possible new price point; regular price is $99, but MyHeritage has been offering its autosomal DNA test for $79 for a while and MyHeritage also accepts free transfers from FTDNA, 23andMe, and Ancestry.

Ancestry presently has the largest autosomal DNA database with over four (4) million people who have tested and should be approaching the five (5) million tested mark in the near future.

It doesn’t appear to discount multiple tests if you order through, but you get free shipping (with or without Prime) so if you are only ordering one (1) kit, you may save money ordering it throutorgh Amazon.

Time will tell if Ancestry keeps the new price point, but considering their largest future DNA competitor, MyHeritage, has been offering $79 tests for a while and other companies are testing, or considering, selling full DNA tests for $200 – 500, any of the Big Four (FTDNA, 23andMe, Ancestry, and MyHeritage) who plan on staying around will in the not too distant future need to cut their prices down to $50 or less if they want to stay competitive. An Australian company has been trying to get enough backers to offer full DNA testing for $200 AUD. They were hoping to get something going by year-end, but they hit some snags along the way.

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