MyHeritage $69 DNA Father’s Day Sale

MyHeritage is currently running a DNA sale for $69 (regular price is $99, but has been discounted routinely to $79) through June 19th –

While MyHeritage is one of the new kids on the block in terms of DNA testing, it had been selling kits from FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) and 23andMe for a while. And its current kits are processed by FTDNA. It also accepts free autosomal transfers from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and FTDNA. It is one of the smallest number of tested with an estimated 20,000 tested between those who tested directly with MyHeritage and those who have done the free transfer. I expect MyHeritage to become a major player in the DNA field if it continues to offer the free transfers from other companies.

It now shows ethnic results to those who aren’t paying subscribers to MyHeritage. Initially, it wasn’t showing the ethnic results. As pointed out by any number of bloggers, ethnic results from any company should be taken with a grain of salt below the continental level as well as realizing ethnic results at the continental level can wash out within a few generations if it is not being replenished. For example, Native American can wash out within 3 – 4 generations if you had a full-blooded Native American  as one ancestor who married a non-Native American and subsequently none of his/her descendants married Native Americans.

I will be updating the Father’s Day DNA Sale blog post to reflect the discount.

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