Current DNA Sales June 2017

A number of DNA sales going on for early to mid-June 2017.

23andMe – $20 off the genealogy only kit (regular price $99) or $20 off the genealogy + Health kit (regular price $199). Free shipping if you order using Amazon Prime or opt for the slow free shipping if you don’t have Prime. Limit 2 kits.  Sale ends June 18th. or order using your account for the free shipping. Don’t believe the discount applies to kits purchased through Target or CVS stores or online through CVS or Target’s websites.

AncestryDNA 20% off (regular price is $99). Free shipping if you use Amazon and have Prime or opt for the slow free shipping if you don’t have Prime. Sale runs through June 18th (Father’s Day in the U.S.). or order using your account for the free shipping. Update: Ancestry’s Canada (save 20 CAD) and U.K. (save 10 GBP) DNA kits also on sale through June 18th.

FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) has one sale going on through late June (24th or 28th, depending on which person you see posting the end date) with a second sale for Father’s Day. In addition, you can use GroupOn and get a regular FamilyFinder test for $56 (regular price is $89).

The first sale is a discount on Y-111 and Big Y tests. Use the appropriate RAMY code below for the test you want to order.

1) RAMY2017111 – $60 off Y-111
2) RAMBigY2017 – $150 off Big Y (may have to contact FTDNA to get the Big Y sale price to work according to one person who tried to order it using the promo code)

Second sale is now active through June 18, 2017

FamilyFinder sale price of $69 (regular price $89)
FamilyFinder + Y-37 sale price of $199 (regular price $258)
FamilyFinder + Y-67 sale price of $337 (regular price $357)
FamilyFinder + mtFull Sequence sale price of $268 (regular price $288)
Y-37 sale price of $139 (regular price $169)

GPSOrigins – not relevant for genealogy purposes, but they are having a sale. Promo Code DEAL saves $10 off the regular price of $199 for the test and report and Promo Code DEAL saves $5 off the regular $79 price if you are doing  a transfer from another company.

Helix/National Geographic Geno 2.0 Next – Sale price $149.95 (regular price $199.95) – no word on when the sale will end, but it’s been going on for a while.  Try or If ordering within the U.S., it’s a spit kit processed by Helix. If ordering outside the U.S., it should be a cheek swab processed by FTDNA.

Living DNA sale price $119 (regular price $159) – not seeing a end date for the sale price so double check before you order.

MyHeritage DNA sale price $69 (regular price $99) through June 19, 2017. For now, they were still offering free transfers if you tested at Ancestry, FTDNA, or 23andMe.  There is no word on how long the free autosomal transfer offer will continue or if the price will go back to $79 or $99 once the $69 sale is over. It is one of the newest DNA testing companies, but uses FTDNA to process the kits. It was previously offering kits through 23andMe and FTDNA before branching out on its own.

You should always double check prices before you complete the order to make sure the sale is still going on and what the shipping cost will be.  The above sales are for the U.S. versions of the test and each company makes its own determination on if, and how, they will offer discounts to non-U.S. testers.

Latest update added the $69 MyHeritage DNA sale as well as Ancestry DNA Canada and U.K. sale prices, and second FTDNA sale and second possible end date for their first sale as different people have reported two end dates for the first sale (June 24 vs. June 28, 2017). Last updated June 12, 2017 3:09 PM U.S. Central Time.

Disclaimer: None of the above links are affiliate links. They are direct links to each company’s website.



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