1966 Missouri Death Certificates Available Online

Received an e-mail from the Missouri Secretary of State’s office indicating the 1966 Missouri Death Certificates are now live. They are free to view and download from http://s1.sos.mo.gov/Records/Archives/ArchivesMvc. If you have a family member who died in 1966 in the state of Missouri (and as early as 1910 with a small number of pre-1910 death certificates also available in a different section of the website), you can find their death certificate on the site. Please note each death certificate was transcribed by two different people to reduce the odds of transcription errors. They can still happen as can typos on the death certificates, wrong information, etc. It’s a good start for where a person is buried, but the death certificate tends to have a high rate of wrong cemetery listings or only listing the town’s name which isn’t necessarily the cemetery even if there is a cemetery with the town’s name.  So if using a death certificate (or obit for that matter), double check with the cemetery before adding them to Find-A-Grave or another graving site. Haven’t done a detailed analysis, but around 25 – 50% of death certificates and obits report the wrong cemetery. In some cases, it is a different name of the cemetery, and in other cases, it’s the wrong town and/or county.

Addit: in addition, death certificates and obits don’t track when a person is moved to a different cemetery at a later date which is another reason to verify with the cemetery.

Addit #2: Some years allow searching by next of kin, but most years don’t. Volunteers are slowly adding earlier years for relatives. Spouse, Mother, and Father are only searchable for 1961 – 1966 at this time.

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