Nat Geo Geno 2.0 $119.95 Through May 8th

Received an e-mail from National Geographic showing a sale price of $119 (regularly $199.95 with occasional sales as low as $149.95). The sale ends May 8th and doesn’t appear on Nat Geo’s regular Geno 2.0 Next order page or the order page for Helix Geno 2.0 Next order page. The sale price on both sites is still $149.95, a good deal, but not the Mother’s Day deal listed in the e-mail – Geno 2.0 Mother’s Day $119.95 Sale Link. The sale ends May 8th according to the link. Geno 2.0 Next generally isn’t good for genealogical purposes in terms of matching since it only tests less than 200,000 SNPs, but does offer a deep Y-DNA (males only) and somewhat deep mtDNA test (results vary depending on your mtDNA haplogroup – for example, mine matched exactly my full mtDNA results from FTDNA).



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