BillionGraves Million More In May Contest

In its sixth annual Million Contest, BillionGraves has some awesome prizes. Worth noting the tiers do not stack so if you achieve Tier 3 in one category and Tier 2 in the other, you only get the Tier 3 prize. You won’t get the Tier 2 prize for the other category and you won’t get the Tier 1 and 2 prizes for the category you reached Tier 3. If you want the DNA prize, then you need stop before uploading 50,000 images or 30,000 transcriptions.

More information can be found at Brief explanation below as well.

Tier 1: 2,500 Photos Uploaded or 500 Transcriptions

Six (6) months free BillionGraves Plus access. Normally, if you meet this goal, you only get one free month of BillionGraves although you would get two months if you achieved both goals during a given month.

Tier 2: 12,500 Photos Uploaded or 7,500 Transcriptions

Earn a RAVPower 16W Solar Panel Charger.

Tier 3: 25,000 Photos Uploaded or 15,000 Transcriptions

Earn a free DNA test from one of the below companies:

MyHeritage DNA 

23andMe DNA-Ancestry

GPS Origins Test and Report 

FamilyTreeDNA Family Finder


One of the best prizes out there if you can’t afford a DNA test and always wanted to test with one of these companies.

Grand Prize: 50,000 Photos Uploaded or 30,000 Transcriptions

Choose between a brand new Apple Watch, Series 2 or a Samsung Gear S3!

Contest ends at midnight GMT which is 6 PM U. S. Mountain Time (7 P.M. U. S. Central Time).

Photos need to meet some basic guidelines so you may want toplan on taking some extras on the off-chance some don’t meet the guidelines.

More details can be found on the Facebook page for BillionGraves.

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