The Six Month Novel Writing Plan eBook Temporarily Free

The Six Month Novel Writing Plan ebook is temporarily available for free download at You will need to provide a valid e-mail address and you want to click the Download now link and not the buy it on Amazon for $3.99 option.

After I read it, I will provide a review of the ebook and what I liked and didn’t like about it. For starters, it makes the assumption that people can write without editing. Some writers can’t and you won’t be able to get them to do it no matter how strong a case you make for doing a rough draft. Others need to edit as they go along to avoid them not editing later for whatever reason. As with any self-help book, you should read it, take to heart what you are willing to change and consider the parts you aren’t willing to change to determine if you should change them or not.

It also covers a bit on how to make a pitch for an agent.  I wouldn’t waste time on pitching for either an agent or a traditional publisher as your odds of success are so low as to be a huge waste of time. If your book is good enough, it will sell itself and you won’t be having to give up a large chunk of your money to one or both groups. An agent is going to want a fair amount of what little income you will get from a traditional publisher where they may see more profit from your book than you do after they get their cut.

I am a strong proponent of the self-published model after seeing how little money a writer gets from a traditional publisher and how much control they have to give up. Sadly, many feel only a traditional publisher is the only way to go. Also, unless you strike it big, traditional publishers expect you to handle a very large share of the marketing of your book(s). Potentially that includes some hefty costs for advertising unless you are savvy enough to utilize social media effectively.

Addit: While self-publishing gets a bad rep (deservedly in too many cases), traditional publishing for best sellers deserves an equally bad rep for the amount of typos and grammar errors traditional publishers allow to slip through. After reading a well-respected alternate history writer, I was appalled at how many typos, grammar errors, etc., his traditional publisher didn’t catch. You would think this was a self-published book based on how many mistakes slipped through. I give self-published writers a bit of a break because they can’t afford professional editors most of the time. Traditional publishers appear to go with the philosophy that a well-known writer doesn’t need editing because his or her readers will buy their next book regardless of editing.


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