23andMe Mother’s Day Sale

I saw an ad on Facebook for 23andMe’s Mother’s Day Sale. It ends May 14th, is $20 off the regular price, and is good for up to two (2) kits. https://www.23andme.com/ so either $79 (genealogy only) or $179 (genealogy + health). It’s available directly on 23andMe’s main page and mentions gift wrapping included. Technically, it’s not a DNA Day sale, but the sale is running during DNA Day so I will add it to the DNA Day sale blog post.

It’s good to see 23andMe join the sale even if it’s geared towards Mother’s Day. It has the second largest genealogical DNA database with over 2,000,000 testers. Definitely worth checking out regardless of if you go with genealogy only or genealogy + health. You can always upgrade to health down the road for $125 (which is $25 more than if you add it when you initially order).

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