AncestryDNA Hits 4 Million Tested

Ancestry tweeted yesterday they hit four (4) million DNA kits tested. It took them eleven (11) months to reach their second million; another seven (7) months to reach their third million; and only three (3) months to reach their fourth million. No telling how fast Ancestry will cross the five (5) million mark at its current pace. They could easily hit six (6) million by year’s end if the present pace continues.

This was on top of news that 23andMe recently hit their two (2) millionth kit earlier this month.

If Ancestry and FTDNA were more savvy, they would do what MyHeritage, WeGene, and are doing and accept free DNA transfers from other companies. I expect MyHeritage may reach its first million DNA tests/transfers in record, or near record, time. While Ancestry has over four (4) million in its database, there are probably another million who have tested with other companies that haven’t tested with Ancestry. FTDNA offers a free transfer, but it’s limited in several ways and you would have to pay $19 to upgrade for full benefits of the transfer.

National Geographic has over 834,000 people in 140 countries who have tested DNA and could hit one (1) million later this year. Their test is on sale for $149.95 (regularly $199.95)–u.s.-delivery?gsk&code=MR21432 . I am hoping one day National Geographic will increase the autosomal component from its current 200,000 markers to 500,000+ markers so it can be used for genealogy purposes. For U.S. tests, Geno 2.0 Next is processed with a spit kit from Helix. For non-U.S. kits,  they were still using cheek swabs from FTDNA.


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