DNA Day Sales 2017

Update Tuesday April 25, 2017: Happy DNA Day.

Update Monday April 24, 2017: 23andMe Mother’s Day Sale (running through May 14th); $20 off regular prices. Not exactly a DNA Day Sale, but it is running during DNA Day.

Update Sunday, April 23, 2017: A couple of new entries to the list. I added DNAFit, ShopFamilyTree (different company from FamilyTreeDNA), and made a few extra points on some of the other companies (AncestryDNA, YSEQ.net). Again, check with any of the companies below before ordering to make sure the sale prices are still in effect. Most end April 25 or 26 although DNAFit should be ending any time now.

Update Saturday, April 22, 2017: If you order AncestryDNA through Amazon.com, it’s free shipping. Contrary to some sites that claim you have to be a Prime Member to get the free shipping, you don’t. Non-Prime members get free standard shipping for orders over $35. You get faster free shipping if you are a Prime member (2 days vs. the 5-8 business days for standard shipping for non-Prime members).

Check with each company before ordering to make sure the sale has started or is still running. Several DNA companies are offering DNA Day Sales. While DNA Day is April 25th, the sales start at different times and run for different lengths. I will include several links below to cover the specifics as posted by other bloggers, but will also include direct links to the companies offering (and not offering for those companies that haven’t joined the DNA Day Sale bandwagon.

Different articles talking about DNA Day 2017 Sale choices.



https://nationaldnaday.com – has links to a few contests to win free DNA kits.

DNA Testing Companies (not all are offering DNA Day Sales and not all provide matching capability for genealogical purposes):

23andMe https://www.23andme.com Mother’s Day Sale running through May 14th. It’s $20 off regular price of either Genealogy or Genealogy + Health (so $79 or $179) with a maximum of two (2) kits allowed per order. Gift wrapping included. Use Amazon to save on shipping as they are showing the $79 sale price as well.

AncestryDNA https://www.ancestry.com/dna $79 (regularly $99) The free shipping code usually doesn’t work when Ancestry is offering a discount on the test. However, if you use Amazon, they are selling the kit for $79 and offer free shipping (Standard 5 – 8 business days for non-Prime and 2 days for Prime Members).

BritainsDNA / MyDNA   https://www.mydna.global No DNA sale price, $345 or $390 (online results vs. hardcopy results). It’s a company in the U.K. and the above prices are based on the exchange rate when this post was originally posted. It used to be BritainsDNA for those more familiar with the company under that name.

ConnectMyDNA https://connectmydna.com – not recommended for genealogical purposes, but they are an option for ethnic/continental breakdown. They offer three choices: Starter Map – two (2) regions for $89.95 with 25+ countries; Pro Map – three (3) regions with 45+ countries for $99.95; and Unlimited Map – five regions with 80+ countries for $104.95. The five regions are Europe; North Africa/Middle East; Central/South America; Africa; and Asia. I have not tested with the company, but believe people should make up their own minds on the value offered by a company instead of relying only on people who haven’t tested with the company to make up your mind. From the company’s website, it looks at the 13 CODIS markers to create a GeneRing. Note, the GeneRing potentially could be used to determine your CODIS markers by somebody tech savvy enough.

DNAFit: 119 GBP (click on the $ button on their page to see current U.S. price. They had a promo code of DNAFITSPRING25 that gave 25% discount. The discount was supposed to end April 21, but as early April 23 was still working. Check before ordering. DNAFit focuses on Diet, Fitness, and Sports, but not genealogy.  It’s for their Fitness Diet Pro (for kits ordered from them as well as  23andMe transfers). A full kit from the company is regularly 119 GBP (roughly $150 depending on the current exchange rate).  I don’t see a way to add the discount to a 23andMe transfer, but the price is the same if you go with the 23andMe transfer vs. ordering a new from DNAFit.

DNA Hunters, LLC Offering 30% discount on some of their digital downloads. http://dnahunters.com You may have to hunt around the site to find them or use the NationalDNADay link above if you can’t find it otherwise.

FTDNA (FamilyTree DNA) https://www.familytreedna.com/products (sales on autosomal, Y-DNA, and mtDNA products with their autosomal test, FamilyFinder, on sale for $59!).

GPS Origins https://gpsorigins.com Link is only good until tomorrow (April 21st; link removed as it’s no longer valid), but it is  normally $199. After the deal ends tomorrow, Promo Code DEAL will save $10 off the $199. No word on how long the DEAL promo code will work.  Tests 800,000 SNPs including some Y-DNA and mtDNA SNPs. Don’t see an option for comparing matches, but you may be able to transfer your results to MyHeritage, WeGene, DNA.Land, and GEDmatch which would give you matches. It has enough SNPs that FTDNA transfer could become an option down the road. Presently, it tests one of the largest amounts of SNPs tested, more than the current chip versions of FTDNA, AncestryDNA, and 23andMe.  I haven’t heard reports on how much similarity there is between SNPs tested by GPS Origins and the Big Three (23andMe, AncestryDNA, and FTDNA), but did find this article https://khazardnaproject.wordpress.com/2016/12/01/gps-origins-results-of-four-participants (Note: I haven’t done a detailed  analysis of this link or some other links that negatively reviewed GPS Origins). If you do a GPS Origins transfer instead of ordering the test directly, DEAL promo code will save you $5 off the transfer price. Additional note some experts are not a fan of GPS Origins, but it does test one of the largest numbers of markers and that has the potential to make it a better choice in certain circumstance.

Helix (they process National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 Next U. S. kits with non-U.S. kits being processed through FTDNA) https://www.helix.com/products/geno-2-ng It’s not a DNA Day Sale, but temporarily $149.95 when it’s usually $199.95. No word on how long Helix will offer the discount. It’s a deep Y-DNA (male testers only) and moderate to deep mtDNA with limited autosomal (around 100,000 SNPs tested from reports although it was supposed to be over 700,000 SNPs  in earlier reports).

LivingDNA https://www.livingdna.com/en-us $119 (regular price $159); tests 650.000 SNPs including  some Y-DNA and mtDNA results in addition to the autosomal results.

MyHeritage   https://www.myheritage.com/dna sale price is temporarily $79 (normally $99), but they are accepting free autosomal transfers from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and FTDNA. They should be offering a discount on their MyHeritage subscription that includes a DNA kit as part of the deal. Price will be $199 for a year’s subscription from reports by other bloggers working with MyHeritage.

National Geographic – see Helix above or use https://shop.nationalgeographic.com/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=2003825&gsk which is a link from https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com.

ShopFamilyTree http://www.shopfamilytree.com/genetic-genealogy-mega-collection-1 81% discount ($99.99 instead of $599.99). This is ShopFamilyTree’s Mega Collection. It doesn’t include a DNA test, but includes one DNA book, numerous video downloads, and one PDF download that is one of the more comprehensive DNA collections available.

VitaGene: https://vitagene.com/ is another DNA test that isn’t relevant for genealogical purposes, but is offering discounts for DNA Day. No word on how long the discount is available, but the two tests offered are Ancestry + Health (regularly $99, but $79 for the sale) and Health only (for those who have 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and FTDNA (regular price ?, but $49 on their website).

YSEQ.net http://yseq.net No DNA Day sale, but it offers a number of tests ranging from Y-DNA, mtDNA to full DNA tests. This is a German company, but it offers some of the best prices for Y-DNA and mtDNA and its full DNA test includes a 23andMe style autosomal raw data that can be transferred to FTDNA, MyHeritage, WeGene, and GEDmatch. Update: The company will be offering sales at a later date and the sales will usually be tied to German cultural events. Its full DNA test (starting at $899 for 15 read, contact for higher 30 read pricing) includes Y-DNA haplogroup (for male testers), mtDNA haplogroup, and an autosomal transfer download (similar to 23andMe so you should be able to transfer it to several other companies (MyHeritage, DNA.Land, GEDmatch, and possibly FTDNA. This is an all in one test because it is one of the few companies that gives you a full DNA test with separate autosomal results. So far, I haven’t seen any of the other companies that offer full DNA testing doing the same thing. For that reason alone, it’s easily worth the money to do either the 15 read or 30 read with YSEQ.net.

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